19 January, 2019

January 19 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

A New Discovery has been made at the back of the hospital, near the Kentish Reef. Some China-men were engaged, at the latter end of last week, washing some surface from the spot, and obtaining “good gold", when a miner named Hockey fancied, as there were several specimens amongst the stuff obtained by the Chinamen, that there must be a
Reef in the neighbourhood. He accordingly prospected for the same, and succeeded in striking small vein of quartz, thickly studded with gold. Out of a dishful of rubble, some two ounces of the precious metal was washed — one of the specimens (a good sized one) being amongst the richest that has been found in the district. When will the numerously rich surface discoveries lead to a systematic working of our reefs? Echo answers —When!

1908 The Moliagul Hospital Sunday collection amounted to 4 pounds 13 shillings.

1910 Mr. E Bowman was engaged in ploughing at the cyanide works, Dunolly, yesterday, when the plough struck a stump, the handle striking Mr. Bowman a severe blow in the chest, fracturing the breast-bone. He was treated by Dr. Wolfenden.

1934 The licence of the Golden Valley Hotel at Bet Bet having been surrendered, the buildings are to be sold by public auction. One of the oldest landmarks in the district will consequently disappear.

1939 Dunolly Murders.
It is most improbable that the State Ministry will reverse its recommendation to the Governor in Council that
Sentence of death passed on Thomas William Johnson, aged 40 years, for the murder of two men at a delicensed hotel at Dunolly on October 3, and should be carried out. Unless a reprieve is granted, Johnson will be hanged at Pentridge at 8 a.m. on Monday.

1995 the Shires of Gordon, East Loddon and Korong, part of the City of Greater Bendigo and parts of the Shires of Bet Bet, Maldon and Tullaroop were unified to become Loddon Shire Council.

18 January, 2019

January 18 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

1858 First school at Tarnagulla began, with William Harper as headmaster, at rear of Union Bank, a Church of England school.

1861 Bet Bet Roads Board, pre-cursor to the council, was formed.

1919 Mr. Jas. Walsh, after over 40 years ‘service in the Railway Department, 20 years of which he spent here as a ganger, retired about two months ago, and is now leaving for Melbourne. On Thursday, 2nd. inst.,there was a very large gathering at St. Marv's schoolroom to big farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Walsh. The chair was occupied by Cr. Costello, who spoke highly of both Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, and of their kindness and sympathy in all cases of need. In Church matters and those pertaining to the general good of the district they took a keen interest, and their departure would be a great loss. He wished them long life and happiness in their new sphere. Rev. Fr. Coughlin presented Mr. Walsh with handsome writing desk, and Mrs. Walsh with a lady's handbag, in which was a sum of money. The gifts were suitably acknowledged. During the evening an enjoyable musical programme was gone through, and after supper a dance was held.

1932 A prisoner, on remand from Dunolly for theft of cycle and wireless set, tore a hole in the Maryborough lockup ceiling, escaping through the hole just as a policeman entered his cell and was at liberty for 12 mins until the police recaptured him.

1939 REPRIEVE NOT LIKELY Dunolly Murders
It is most Improbable that the State Ministry will reverse its recommendation to the Governor In Council that sentence of death passed on Thomas William John- son, aged 40 years, for the murder of two men at a delicensed hotel at Dunolly on October 3 should be carried out. Unless a reprieve is granted, Johnson will be hanged at Pentridge at 8 a.m. on Monday.
The Chief Secretary and Attorney General (Mr. Bailey) told a deputation yesterday that he could hold out little hope that the sentence of the Court would not be executed. It was impossible to call a special meeting of Cabinet, but he would discuss the representations with the Premier and other Ministers who were In Melbourne.
The deputation, which was introduced by the leader of the State Labour Parliamentary party (Mr. Cain), comprised representatives of the Federal and State Labour parties, the Trades Hall Council, and the secretary of the social service department of the Churches of Christ (the Rev. W. H. Clay).
Members of the deputation urged that hanging was not a deterrent to murder, and was repugnant to the Australian people.
"This is not a matter for the Government or the Governor in Council," Mr. Batley said. "It is a matter for Parliament. The death penalty is prescribed by law, and it is for the people to say whether the law should be altered. The only responsibility of the Governor in Council is to decide whether the law shall take its course. The Cabinet went very thoroughly into the case, and it was only after mature consideration that it recommended to the Governor in Council that the law should take its course."

15 January, 2019

Welcome Stranger 150th Celebration

Date: Tuesday 5 February 2019 | 10:00AM

Calling all descendents of the goldminers Deason and Oates, who discovered the nugget in 1869.

The Dunolly Museum will host a morning at Moliagul to commemorate the discovery of the Welcome Stranger gold nugget 150 years ago. The morning will be at the site of the discovery and will include a walk and a talk by local historian John Tully of the Goldfield’s Historical & Arts Society.

We welcome anyone who may wish to dress in Victorian costume as we will be taking a commemorative photograph in the same style as the 1869 original photo taken by William Parker.

Bring along your sunscreen, water bottle, hat and walking shoes.

All welcome.

There will be a display at the Dunolly Museum (75 Broadway, Dunolly) from Saturday 2 to Sunday 17 February of photos and other items relating to the Welcome Stranger nugget including the scales on loan from the NAB Museum.

Admissions to the Museum: $4 adults, children free.

Rachel Buckley – Secretary Goldfield’s Historical & Arts Society 03 5468 1858 or 0427 275 006

Welcome Stranger Monument
Welcome Stranger Rd
Moliagul VIC

Contact Name : Rachel Buckley

Contact Number : 0427 275 006

Email : rachelbuckley@bigpond.com
Cost: Free

January 15 On This Day in Dunolly Lea Kurribur History

1864 CURIOUS ROBBERY.- A rascal at Dunolly, this week, accomplished a feat that all the police in New South Wales were unable to effect, by sticking up the celebrated bush- ranger Frank Gardiner, and robbing him of his revolver. A collection of waxworks was being exhibited at Frayne's Theatre, and amongst them was the representation of this colonial Claude Duval, revolver in hand, supposed to be in the very act of politely re- questing some unfortunate traveller to " level up;" and we are informed that some individual, doubtless in a state of happy ignorance as to the existence of the old rule of meum and tuum, went in in the night with the intention of purloining the pistol, and finding that he was unable to wrest it from the hand of the figure, actually broke off the hand, and carried it away with the revolver. It was certainly an audacious proceeding. The model will have to be sent to Melbourne to be repaired.

 1888 A dreadful day 110 degrees with strong northerly blowing clouds of dust and fruit from trees.

 1899 Drapery store formerly occupied by Mr Legge burnt, with Mr Manley watchmaking business slightly effected on one side and Mr Cheetham’s private residence considerably damaged on the other side.

 1902 The outbuildings of Mr Posiner at Bromley with 500 fruit cases, harnesses, saddles, beds and mattress lost to fire.

 1906 A cart driven by Mr. James Lee, of Dunolly, butcher, was run into this afternoon by the 4.10p.m. down train from Donald.
The cart was smashed to matchwood, and Mr. Lee and his son Leslie, a lad about thirteen years of age, who was with him, were thrown some distance over the cow catcher of the engine. Mr. Lee, senior, was driving to the slaughter yard, to reach which he had to cross the line. He saw the train from Inglewood pass, but failed to notice that the Donald train was approaching until his vehicle was partly across the track. Both occupants of the cart were thrown clear of the line, and the horse escaped unhurt. Mr. Lee, senior, had his right leg broken below the knee, whilst the boy's right arm was badly smashed. They were taken to the hospital and admitted for treatment.
Mr Lee sustained three fractures of one leg, between the ankle and the knee. The lad Leslie Lee is still in the hospital in a critical condition , one arm was fractured, and it is feared that he sustained internal injuries.

 1906 Mr Samuel Nicholls, J.P., of Murphy's Flat, was driving with his grandson to Dunolly this afternoon, and when about a mile from the town the horse fell, throwing both occupants out of the buggy. The child escaped without injury, but Mr Nicholls was badly bruised about the chest and had his hand cut.

 1936 During a heavy electrical storm lightning struck the wires in a fence between properties of Councillor McPherson and Mr Howard at Betley. A small grass fire began but was extinguished by the efforts of neighbours and showers.

 2011 Carisbrook - Most of the township was evacuated this morning, with residents describing the conditions as catastrophic, with nothing seen like this before. Authorities are urging residents to keep away as the water level is not expected to recede anytime soon, potentially days.
800 residents have been affected and Chris Meadows-Taylor, the Mayor of Central Goldfields Shire, has claimed the situation is worse than expected.
The bowling club in Dunolly, the Senior Citizens Rooms in Carisbrook and the Princes Park Sports Complex, upstairs at the Grandstand in Maryborough has been set up as relief centres.

14 January, 2019

January 14 On This Day in Dunolly Lea Kurribur History

1860 - Constable Gray on Chinese duty at Alma discovered a poor neglected Chinese man, reduced to almost a skeleton, by the side of the track with barely a scrap of canvas to call his own. The constable went to the Chinese encampment and raised 4 pounds 17 shillings from among the Chinese, bought him a tent, food and necessities , and tried to get the doctor to see to the poor man but he was out on calls.

 1861 Bet Bet Road Board formed
1863 20lb 7 oz. nugget found on Clover’s Gully diggings by a miner who’d only been digging for 5 mins.

1875 The subscribers to Dunolly Hospital held their annual meeting.

1889 Daisy Hill post office opened, replacing Emu. Closed circa 1893.

DUNOLLY, Friday.
Yesterday, at the Dunolly Alluvial mine, which is close to the railway station, Mr. John Winton Cumper, the mining manager, was killed. The mine is at present let on tribute, and the tributers having run short of laths Mr. Camper and one of the tributers went into an unused drive to take out some, when the ground over the top of the laths came away, completely covering Cumper. The man assisting at once gave the alarm and relief parties, after an hour's efforts, got out the body, life being extinct. An inquiry was held, and a verdict was returned that the deceased was accidentally smothered by a fall of earth, the mining inspector being of opinion that no blame was attachable to any-one unless to the deceased himself, as drawing laths was an exceedingly dangerous practice. "

 1938 Miss Beryl Renshaw, of Tarnagulla, was appointed as probationer nurse to Dunolly Hospital.

 1952 Four billion bushels of wheat taken at the Dunolly silos.

28 September, 2018


Acapella is singing without accompaniment.
And that is just what the D’Sharps do!
They meet for practice every Monday at 3.45pm in the Neighbourhood Centre.
They sing all types of songs from Ballads to country to jazz with even a bit of rock thrown in.
So if you love to sing you would be very welcome to join the group.
Singing is very therapeutic and makes you feel happy.
Shelley is their musical director and she knows her stuff!
The D’Sharps take bookings and will sing for your group, meeting, event?
For free!

Dunolly Nik Naks & Gallery GRAND OPENING Oct 5th 3pm-5pm

Dunolly Field & Game FREE Come & Try Day Oct 7th 12pm-4pm

Tarnagulla Revisited 20th & 21st Oct

Many of the residents, former residents and descendants and friends of those who lived or passed through Waanyarra and who have attended the Waanyarra
Reunions through the years, also maintain a keen interest in Tarnagulla.
This year the Tarnagulla Out ‘n About weekend has changed its name, date and venue and this year will be known as Tarnagulla Revisited and be held at the
Recreation Reserve Saturday 20th October 2018 and at the Victoria Hall on Sunday 21st October 2018.
There will still be a History display in the Pavilion at the Recreation Reserve on a reduced scale, but still overseen by David Gordon, as well as entertainment and food stalls and Garage Sales.
A highlight will be a Celebration of Dame Nellie Melba held at 2.00pm on Sunday 21st October 2018 at Victoria Hall, together with an Exhibition of Rare Memorabilia.
Anyone who has attended one of Rachel Buckley’s productions will know just how professional and great these are and early booking is advised. Her productions are usually sold out by the day.
Despite the plaque erected at the Victoria Hall by the former Shire, indicating that Dame Nellie Melba had performed at the Victoria Hall, this is in fact quite
erroneous. One of my great aunts, a Comrie, was in the same class as Nellie at PLC in the 1880s and it was never mentioned by the Comrie family and there is no mention in the Tarnagulla & Llanelly Courier. Likewise Lola Montez, courtesan and entertainer, who, amongst other exploits, entertained miners on the Victorian goldfields with her famed ”Spider Dance” is also noted on the
plaque as having performed in the Victoria Hall, but she had left Australia in 1856 and was actually dead before the Victoria Hall was built.
Another event of interest will be the Tarnagulla & District Golf Club “Three Club Monty” on Sunday 14th October 2018. Mary McNamee has revitalised the Golf Club and it has hosted several enjoyable days in the past.
You are encouraged to support these events.
For further information call me on: P: (03) 9686 6737 M:
0413 612 623 or E: waanyarra1@gmail.com.
Also the websites:
Waanyarra Website: www.waanyarra.com
Tarnagulla Website: www.Tarnagulla.com
George Swinburne
Convenor, Waanyarra Reunion


The Goldfields Sustainability Group is planning to hold a Fermenting Foods Workshop at the Arts Hub ,Thompson St on Saturday 27th October, starting at 2pm until 4pm.
Fermentation is one of the oldest methods of preserving food, adding flavour and making food more digestible.
Fermented foods, especially when home-made, have been shown to improve your gut health by stimulating the growth of good bacteria.
In this workshop you will be making Sauerkraut to take home but also learn about other fermented foods including, Kombucha, Kefir and Kimchi.
They will need to know numbers attending this workshop so they can make sure they have enough ingredients to make the Sauerkraut.
The cost will be $3 per person.
Please ring Margaret on 0419 508 787 or the Centre to book your place.
Oh, and bring a plate to share for afternoon tea!


Town Wide Garage Sale is on Saturday 13th October.
There are garage sales all around town. To get your kit and be included on the map, please go to the Neighbourhood House and pay your $10 fee.
There are balloons to put on your bin and signs to put up in the kit and some tips for the day.
The Rummage Sale at the Arts Hub is for donated goods; you donate us your bits & pieces and we sell them to fund workshops & equipment. Last year we made enough to put up some ceiling fans.
Please donate clean working items, no electrical items, beds, mattresses or clothes.
You can drop items off on the 11th &12th October or give me a ring
on 0418 875 453 and I will come pick items up with my ute.
The Boot Sale is a spot outside in the grounds; fee $10 per site. Be there by 7am to set up and sell whatever you want.
There will be the CFA BBQ Trailer on site to feed the hungry & sell refreshments.
We have the Little Green Wagon coming. The Little Green Wagon is an innovative solution delivering exciting and relevant educational activities to rural and regional schools and communities across the Grampians Central West region. It includes resources that support the delivery of sustainability education
across all areas of Victoria. It is a Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery Group initiative.
Maps will be at the Hub at strategic spots around town and, as always, they will be free.

Blokes Night Out Oct 12th 6.30pm

You are invited to a “Blokes Night Out” on Friday 12th October at the Dunolly Uniting Church commencing at 6.30pm with a barbeque.
This will be followed by guest speaker Geoff Curnow, who will show slides and speak about his recent trip to America.
This is a Dunolly Uniting Church initiative to enable local blokes to get together informally over a barbecue and enjoy the informative and topical guest speaker.
This is an open night, so if you have a friend or know someone who would like to come, do not hesitate to invite them.
For catering purposes please reply by Tuesday 16th October to Jim McKenzie 5468 7246 or the Op Shop.

Volunteers are needed to assist at The Welcome Record.

The paper would like to have an extensive roster of people who are willing to give a few hours on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
The positions are for proof-readers, printing and paper delivery.
At the moment, our pool of volunteers is quite small. This does not allow for flexibility to cover unexpected illness, family emergencies or for staff to take time off.
Your contribution will be most welcome and appreciated.
The Welcome Record Team Call us on 5468 1054
Tuesday and Wednesday only, or email


Dunolly Annual Art Show Nov 3rd & 4th 2018


The Dunolly Historic Precinct Committee has been successful in obtaining a defibrillator for the Town Hall. 
The Committee is inviting community members who are interested in learning how to use the machine or wish to refresh their knowledge, to the training session which will take place on Tuesday 2nd October in the Town Hall at 6pm. 
Please contact the secretary on 0438 168 634 if you have any enquiries.
Marion Da Costa

Bystander Intervention Workshop

Bystander Intervention Workshop
Dr Ree Bodde facilitates the Workshop offering strategies to prevent sexual violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment. 
Time 10am to 3pm Saturday 13th October
in The foyer at Christ the King, Maryborough.
For more information and registration phone Esther Waters 0407952572

23 September, 2018

FREE Johnny Cash tribute show. November 24 at 2pm.

  • Johnny Cash Tribute Show by The Groove Dudes
  • Dunolly Golf Club, Short St, Dunolly.
  • Saturday November 24 2018
  • 2pm - 6pm
  • FREE