Dunolly and District

19 July, 2017

July 19

1858 Another meeting held for the Tarnagulla Progress Committee.

 1861 Land parcels of Old Burial Ground and the New Cemetery were granted without purchase on this day by the Lands and Survey Office.

 1906 Subdivision sale of Belle Vue estate.

 1939 Dunolly Old Boys and Girls Association held a dance in the Nicholas Building.

 1939 Moliagul Cricket Club celebrated their premiership at a social gathering and at a dance afterwards the hall was crowded.

July 18

1870 A miner, named McWhitney, was killed instantly when rocks fell on him from above while in a mine shaft.

 1877 A meeting was held in the Ballarat Police Court in opposition to the railway extention – the Dunolly – St Arnaud extension.

 1906 The Archdale Estate was offered for sale at Bealiba with the homestead block of 640 acres sold to John Ross of Archdale for 6 pounds 2 shillings per acre.

July 17

1860 The exodus from Inglewood must have set in in earnest, the coaches passing through Dunolly from that place being every day loaded to excess,and I am informed that numbers are left behind every morning, the two large coaches now running being insufficient to accommodate would-be passengers. Whither they are all bound it is difficult to say, but many are on the road to Ararat, the reports from the rush there being very good. No doubt the present cheap rate of fares, 15s. from Inglewood to Lamplough, induces many to choose the travelling by coach who would otherwise tramp it, and in the present bad state of the roads it can hardly be a paying speculation for the couch proprietors.

 1866 The Foundation stone of St John’s Anglican Church was laid by Venerable Archdeacon Crawford of Castlemaine.

 1885 The site of 1 rood 8 perches was permanently reserved for the future Goldsborough Library.

 1918 There is every indication of an early spring as the wattles and several spring flowers are coming out.

 1924 Waanyarra Junior Red Cross stall raised 4 pounds for the Dunolly Hospital, the Dunolly acting troupe The Sunbeams put on their original play "The Gardeners Daughter" in the Victoria Hall with 8 pounds taken at the door with proceeds to go to the Dunolly ambulance fund.

 1931 Community singing, which was introduced by the Dunolly Choral Society attracted a large audience to aid the unemployed, who were present and were provided with refreshments. 

Mr Jessup, manager of the E , S , and A Bank was entertained before he left for Sydney and presented with a wallet of notes.

The amount of gold purchased by the bank In Juno was 771/2oz

 1935 Dunolly branch of ANA celebrated its golden jubilee with a social night.

 1954 Mr. A. D. Darby, Elgin st,, Dunolly, will  receive one guinea for this verse; 
"Harry, unskilled and untaught ;
Who couldn't tell starboard front port ; 
Set sail in a yacht (Believe it or not!) 
For Darwin, but finished at Boort."

 2007 It was reported that in a study that Central Goldfields Shire was the second highest shire in which people often went hungry, 10.9 percent.

July 16

1893 The funeral of Mr James George Blake, who died on Friday aged 107, was largely attended to-day. James was born in Galway Ireland and his parents were Charles Blake, miller, and Helen Blake nee Kearney. The deceased had resided for over forty years in the district, first as a digger then a general storekeeper at Burnt Creek. At seventeen years of age he entered the East India Company's service, joining a cavalry regiment and obtaining certificates for his services. When Queen Victoria was born he held a commission in the East India service. He had also served in the Imperial service, and was fond of describing how he fought in the battle of Waterloo. He was in comfortable circumstances, and retained possession of his faculties to the last. His wife survives him.He was hale and strong up to within a short time of his death. His wife, Grace, died a fortnight later on August 3, 1893.

 1898 Bicycle road race run at Laancoorie to Eddington and back , 10 miles in total, 6 starters results 1. Hodges 6mins, 2. Scott scratch, 3.Nicholson scratch.

 1930 The first rat seen in Dunolly was caught in a trap in a building near the railway station.

July 15

1858 The first meeting of the Tarnagulla Progress Committee was held at the Southern Cross Hotel.

 1864 It was announced that the Dunolly Philharmonic Society would be holding their next performance as a Grand Musical Festival.

 1879 Archibald Campbell McDougall returned to Dunolly, for a visit, for the first and last time since he sold up and moved away.

 1903 A leak was found at the Tarnagulla Reservoir, following 7 yrs of drought it was assumed the wall was weakened, a gang of men quickly repaired the hole and danger was averted.

 1908 Skin Grafting Operation
A successful operation of skingraftng has been performed by Dr. Wolfenden, of Dunolly. Some few weeks back a little boy,: the son of Mr. Chas. Warnecke, of Middle Bridge got caught in a chaff-cutting machine, and the 'flesh of one of his legs was torn from thigh to knee. - Dr.Wolfenden was called to attend to the injury, and when he suggested skin-grafting, the child's mother consented to the skin being taken from her arm, and she bore the ordeal of 180 grafts being taken from the limb without the administration of . chloroform. Out of the 180 grafts no fewer than 170 have taken, and the child's wounds are recovering rapidly.

July 14

1862 The Coach overturned in a creek then smashed into McTaggart’s store at Burnt Creek, crushed Mr Warnecke’s milk cart.

 1893 Mr James Blake, a Waterloo veteran and resident of Dunolly, died aged 107.

 1988 ABC TV aired Celebrations: The Day They Fired the Gun. 
On Australia Day 1988, most eyes were focused on the events on Sydney Harbour. But in the tiny Victorian country towns of Dunolly and Tarnagalla, the locals were marking the historic day in their own special way.
ABC TV aired 8.00 Celebrations: The Day They Fired the Gun.
FINGERS will be poised over video control buttons in the Victorian townships of Dunolly and Tarnagulla (near Bendigo) next Thursday night as locals prepare themselves for the national screening of their Australia Day celebrations in January this year. This is the second of four ABC documentaries looking at the diverse ways in which Australians celebrate.
The 26th of January 1988 was a glorious day for Dunolly (population 600) and Tarnagulla (150) and residents didn't waste it by sitting indoors watching the rich drink champagne on Sydney Harbor. They were having a lot more fun. There were main street processions, races,' performances from the Tarnagulla Citizens Band, Australia's champion gum-leaf blower, barbecues and dancing. The cannon was shot, a local headmaster recited 'I Love A Sunburnt Country' and bosomy, straw-hatted women made a touching sight as they tottered down the track in the egg-and-spoon race.
This is a fine 30 minutes of television that in its compact appraisal of Australian country life would make a marvellous offering to overseas television. Producer Martyn Coddard, whose narration is simple, informative and sensitlve traces the history of both towns; their gold-mining past tragic impact on local Aboriginal tribes and their slow decline following World War 1. It also traces the preparations for the big day. Locals said they hadn't been brought so closely together for a long time.

July 13

1858 Meeting held in Tarnagulla schoolhouse to form a committee to ‘handle the progress of the township’

 1876 George Boston, African American, died at Dunolly, aged 52, he was credited with being the co-discoverer of gold in the St Andrews/Queenstown area.

 1878 The Hon F Robertson canvassed Dunolly residents and was favourably received.

 1882 Mr Bent, Minister of Railways, was asked (and agreed to) by a deputation from Dunolly for extra accommodation at the Dunolly Railway Station to enable the loading of livestock.

 1896 At the local police court to-day, before W.Johns, P.M., the police brought charges against W. F. T. Tatchell, of Dunolly, hotel keeper,and W. C. Warnecke, of Middlebridge, gardener, for neglecting to have their children vaccinated as required by the act. Both pleaded guilty, and declined to comply with the law even if the magistrate adjourned the case, and consequently were fined the maximum penalty, £2 each. 
W. Kinnear was also charged with the same offence, but proved that his child was 18 months and 3 weeks old. The case was dismissed, as the charge, according to the latest rulings, must be brought within 18 months.

 1904 A fat milking cow, which had been lost for 3 weeks despite diligent searches, was found in an alluvial hole 8ft deep, when the hole was broken down by her rescuers she scrambled out with no evidence of harm for her 21 days imprisonment.

 1938 Miss L Perry, on the staff of the Lascelles State School, was transferred to the Dunolly State School.

July 12

1858 Inquest held at the Spread Eagle Hotel in Dunolly by Dr Quinlan, coroner, into the sudden death of Mrs McPherson who was found dead in an uncovered hole filled with water by the road.

Mrs. Sydney Smith, with of Wm, Smith who has enlisted for active service, died on Wednesday. Deceased, who was the only daughter of Cr W. J. Parkes (mayor), took great interest in all movements for the benefit of the town, and for some time was the organist of the Methodist Church. She was only 27 years of age, and had been married about 10 months. Great sympathy is felt for relatives.

 1932 It was reported that a Melbourne firm had taken up ownership of the Spread Eagle mine, splendid gold was being obtained from the reef only a few years ago.

 1940 Miss James, who trained at the Royal Melbourne Hospital was appointed Matron of Dunolly Hospital.

July 11

1864 Strange Discovery was made on Saturday last, in a claim near the Hard Hills, by a miner named James Owen. He had all the week heard various noises as if of some one or something in great trouble, but had been unable to discover whence the sound proceeded. He speculated in vain as to the origin of these smothered cries, until on Saturday last, when he descended the shaft and was greeted with a low growl. Startled for the moment, his eyes presently rested on an unfortunate dog that lean and lank looking had in an early part of the week fallen down a shaft at some distance from the claim at which Owen was working,the ground having been gutted for an immense distance around. The drives in all directions were filled with mullock, but the poor animal had by dint of desperate perseverance succeeded in scratching his way to where instinct led him to conclude he should obtain deliverance from his gloomy prison. Possibly the animal was endeavoring to escape the penalty of non -registration. If so, in flying from Scylla, he had fallen into Charybdis. —Dunolly Express, July 11.

Tumbling Down a Cutting. — On Monday evening last, a miner, familiarly named 'Jack Sheppard,'went from his tent after dark to collect some charcoal, from a burning log. The night being very dark, he walked unconsciously into a cutting some twenty feet in depth, on Jones's Reef. A little boy passed by shortly afterwards, and hearing someone groan, made an alarm ; the neighbors hastened to his assistance, and raided , the man to the surface,when he was found to be very much injured — one arm broken, his face -disfigured, and internally hurt. The night was so dark no one would venture to take him to Dunolly at once, but,early the next morning Mr Biggs kindly drove him to the hospital,where it is probable, under the skillful treatment of Dr. Macgregor, and with the strict attention always paid to patients in that most notable, institution, he will ultimately recover from the effects of this sad accident. Although the sufferer is about sixty years of age; he is blessed with a splendid constitution,and does not appear to be over forty years. ' His return to Moliagul convalescent will be hailed with delight by those best acquainted with him. 
On returning home, in company with ' Tommy the Blacksmith,' Mr Biggs had an unfortunate spill, which rather alarmed Tommy. Mr Biggs made' light of the matter, being used to it.

 1870 The committee of management invited tenders for additions and improvements to the Dunolly Hospital, to be submitted by August 4.

 1871 Wanted – men to grub 20 acres. For particulars apply at Irvines Commercial Hotel in Eddington.

 1916 Nurse Amy L. Squires of Horsham has been appointed as Matron of Dunolly & District Hospital.

 1927 Swine fever outbreak at Betley, Betley and Tullaroop shires both quarantined.

July 10

1862 There was an important miners meeting at Frayne’s Theatre on Broadway to discuss the proposed amendments to the mining by laws.

 1911 It is reported that Additional land in connection with the Dunolly Drill Hall is needed and its acquisition has been under consideration by the Defence Dept since April with a reminder issued in June.

 1917 The Inglewood Advertiser reported that a 14 yr old boy from Dunolly tried to enlist for the war at the Melbourne Town Hall Recruiting Depot; at first he claimed to be 18 yrs old, that his parents were dead but after questioning he admitted to being only 14, having run away from home in Dunolly. He was billeted over night at the Sturt Street Drill Hall then sent back to Dunolly the following day, “but not empty handed”.