Dunolly and District

01 May, 2017

May 1

May 1964 A UFO was sighted near Dunolly sometime this month.

1877 The new Waanyarra School opening was celebrated with a tea meeting, concert and ball. The scholars, their parents and friends from many miles around were present. The Tarnagulla Glee Club led by Mr. H. Treloar entertained with musical selections.

1877 Ah Yen was brought up on charges of murder in the police court of Ah Kee .After evidence from police and Fook Shing, Chinese detective, Ah Yen pleaded self-defence and was remanded to Sandhurst.

1884 Train from St Arnaud seriously delayed as the station master at Emu gave the driver the wrong staff.

1886 Dry weather with harsh frosts damaging the crops.

1904 Mr James Salter of Middle Bridge pierced his hand with a needle by accident while sewing a strap on a saddle.

1906 A large attended meeting on holding the Queen Carnival for 1906 became lively when the discussion turned to allowing a publicans booth .

1912 The Red Lion Hotel, Telegraph Hotel and Windsor Castle Hotel were delicensed by the Reduction Board.

1912 The chairman of the Reduction Board (Mr.R. Barr) announced that the following cases in the Dunolly district (D list) would be considered on 4th June next:—Bealiba Hotel, Bealiba; Commercial Hotel, Bealiba; Evans’s Hotel, Bealiba; Golden Age Hotel, Tarnagulla; .Junction Hotel, Bromley; Man of Kent Hotel, Bromley; Red Lion Hotel, Dunolly; Royal Hotel, Goldsborough; Tarnagulla Hotel, Tarnagulla; Telegraph Hotel, Dunolly; Victoria, Hotel, Tarnagulla; Waanyarra Hotel, Waanyarra; Windsor Castle Hotel, Dunolly.

Mr. Barr added that the board had decided to make this announcement at the earliest, possible stage, so that the parties interested would have every opportunity of procuring witnesses. It was probable that sittings in connection with the above cases would be held at Tarnagulla and Bealiba to meet the convenience of those concerned.

30 April, 2017

April 30

1881 The Queen's Birthday, Company cleaned off to-day, and from 980 tons. Crushed obtained 689 oz., 18 dwt.-of smelted gold.

1881 A miner, named Peter Moble, a Frenchman, has committed suicide by hanging himself in his hut at Mosquito Flat. A neighbour, named Jungonson, having noticed that deceased did not make his appearance, went into his hut this afternoon and found the body suspended from the roof. He at once gave information to the police.

 1938 It was decided to hold a Queen Competition to aid the Dunolly Hospital, with Queens selected from Dunolly, Bealiba and Tarnagulla.

29 April, 2017

April 29

1863 Under the heading "facts for New Zealanders," the Dunolly and Burnt Creek Express say:—" Nuggets are turning up in this district almost as thick as beans. One weighing 20 ounces was purchased by Mr Bell on Friday week, having been found in the immediate vicinity of Dunolly, the discoverers not being inclined to fix the exact locality. On Saturday a splendid piece of gold, weighing 52 oz. 5 dwt was purchased by Mr Wallis, of the Survey Store; it had been found in the celebrated nest for nuggets, Clover's Gully, the same morning. On Monday evening another nugget, weighing 54 ounces, was bought by Mr Ferguson for £'213 odd. The men who sold it would not divulge the precise spot whence it came, but admitted that it was found near Dunolly. The frequency of these discoveries, and the similarity of weight in many instances might lead to the idea that they were one and the same nugget, but of the actual existence all these, and indeed all that we chronicle, we can most positively vouch."

 1873 Captain Baker of Goldsborough claimed to have seen the transit of Vulcan across the sun.

1897 Although the Government Scent Farm at Dunolly has been in existence for many years it has not yet produced (says the Australasian) a really marketable perfume, and the farm has cost the Government £500 a year. On a recent visit to the establishment the Minister for Agriculture came to the conclusion that the method adopted of extracting the essential oils was too primitive for modern times, and this view is borne out by a report which he has since received from Mr Pearson, the Government Agricultural Chemist. Mr Taverner has decided to dispense with the services of the present manager by the end of the month, and to place the farm under the control of Mr Pearson. The most scientific methods will then be introduced, and instead of cultivating a variety of scent plants as at present, attention will be concentrated on a few only. An effort will be made to produce marketable lavender water, attar of roses, and a few other perfumes.

 1915 A charity carnival in aid of the district hospital was held today at the New Racecourse at Dunolly West; the takings on the gate were 35 pounds and the profit is expected to reach 100 pounds.

28 April, 2017

April 28

1865 Mr E Langton was here last night and his lecture was well attended despite the wet weather.

1882 One of the boilers at the Tarnagulla Flour Mill (owned by Messrs Comrie and Co), in Dunolly, burst killing one man and seriously injuring another two.

 1883 Reported that the farmers are at a standstill for want of rain.

 1886 Easter Fair Sports held in Sandhurst, with E.Virtue of Dunolly winning 12 pounds in the professional bicycle race.

 1896 The Middle Bridge Cricket Club Picnic was held at Hole’s paddock with 100 visitors taking part in the many picnic games played. Tea was enjoyed at 5pm, then further games were played until 8pm. Catering by Mr Davenport’s Bakery Dunolly. 
Cricket match played between Waanyarra 110 and Middle Bridge 117.

27 April, 2017

April 27

1857 Mr. Hendry, a storekeeper, at Jones's Creek, and formerly proprietor of the Bull and Month Hotel, Dunolly, was found brutally murdered in the bush off the road from Jones's Creek to Dunolly, on Monday last. The unfortunate man, it appears, left his store at Jones's Creek on Sunday morning in his spring cart, having in his possession one hundred and thirty ounces of gold: not arriving at his destination as expected, search was made for him on the following day, when his horse and cart, and the hat and coat worn by him were discovered upon the road between the localities in question, but without any traces of violence indicating the fate of their owner. After twelve hours further search the body of the murdered man was found in the bush at some distance from the spot, with a pistol shot wound through his head, and the gold and whatever other valuables he had about him gone; affording un-mistakeable evidence that the work of death had been shortly and speedily accomplished by his assassins, of whom no clue has yet been obtained. The entire district was in a state of great excitement, and an active search is on foot to discover, if possible, the perpetrators of the foul deed.

 1857 Murder and Robbery. — The public have been startled by the report that Mr Hendry, formerly one of the proprietors of the Bull and Mouth hotel, has been murdered and robbed of a valuable parcel of gold which he had bought the day before his disappearance. Mr Hendry it is supposed was done for whilst driving his horse and spring cart yesterday (Sunday) between Pusey's public house and Jones's creek. He paid a visit on Saturday evening to White's casino, Inkerman, in company with another person. His manner on that occasion is described as confused and singular. It is possible that he may at that time have been labouring under the effects of some drug. He subsequently passed the night with a prostitute, and in the morning started with the gold for Jones's as above stated. The body has not yet been found, although many persons have voluntarily joined in searching the bush. Mr Hendry's hat and coat, as also the horse and cart, have not alone been recovered as yet, nor have signs of blood been observed.

1866 Newbridge Primary School was completed and opened, closed in Dec 1993 it was auctioned in 1996.

 1901 The business people of the town have unanimously agreed to close their places of business on Wednesday and Thursday, 8th and 9th May, to enable the employees to avail themselves of the festivities taking place in Melbourne. 

1901 The Dunolly Rifle Club, at its annual meeting held on Thursday, elected officers for the ensuing year as under:—'W. T. Hansford,president; D. W. O’Grady and J. -N. Nelson; vice-presidents: W. Y. 'Witherden, secretary and captain; A. Stoneman, assistant secretary ; Messrs E. Taylor,. J. Treganowan, W.H. Baxter, and J. M. Hicks, committee. Members’ subscription was fixed at 5s. Messrs. T. Hansford and W. Skelton offered trophies to be competed for.

 1902 The Maryborough Town Band held a concert in Dunolly to fund raise in aid of the Cardigan mine disaster relief fund.

DUNOLLY, Thursday. On 1st January last an old -digger named Edward Hawkins mysteriously disappeared after calling at a friend's house on his way home, near the Old Lead reservoir. Search parties were out for several days, and the bush for miles around was diligently searched, but no trace of the missing man could be found. Today his dead body was discovered near the lnkerman mine, in a shallow alluvial hole. The body was covered by the water. The hole is within ten yards of a foot track and several miners' huts are only a few hundred feet away. Evidently Hawkins had lost himself and wandered about, as the place where his body was found is about four miles from his residence.

 1906 Mr Dermondy of Old Lead lost his home and contents to fire in January but was not insured. The townspeople of Dunolly took the matter in hand and erected a comfortable four roomed house of Egyptian bricks for him and his family into which he moved this day.

26 April, 2017

April 26

1895 The Minister for Agriculture, the Dept. Secretary and the Govt Sericultural expert arrived in Dunolly to inspect the Perfume/Scent Farm with a view to growing mulberry trees to promote the development of sericulture (silk farming). Horses were left standing in the buggy and they bolted, leaving the ministerial party to return to Dunolly in an old wagon with a plough horse.

 1903 AN "AMERICAN SALESMAN." DUNOLLY, Sunday. An entertainment given by Mr Newton styling himself "the American Salesman" in the Town Hall last night, will not soon be forgotten in Dunolly, After some singing and reciting, Newton began by selling £1 notes for 15/-, half sovereigns for 7/6, half-crowns for 2/- and shillings for Id. Knives, watches and chains were then offered. Knives, said by Newton to be worth 3/-, were offered for £1, and were eagerly purchased. A watch and chain, worth only a few shillings, were sold for £5. The butt, of a cigar bought £1, and so did the ash of the salesman's cigarette. The purchasers were asked if they were satisfied with their bargains, and he received answers in the affirmative, their confiding trust in Newton being simply astounding. Altogether the "entertainer" must have benefited to the extent of about £25. Newton received £1 for the privilege of looking at him; then £1 for No. 1 assistant, and the same "investor" gave12/6 for-the privilege of gazing at assistant No. 2. At midnight many of the audience wore loth to leave, some no doubt hoping against hope for; the return of their cash.

 1907 An Indian recently arrived from Mildura, Charlie Gobutton Singh, was thrown from his cycle when the handles became loose near the Dunolly Hospital and he received severe injuries to the left side of his face needing 34 stitches.

25 April, 2017

April 25

1895 Recent rains have given a good supply of water but not enough to allow the farmers to begin ploughing.

 1903 At Rathscar and the Black Ranges yesterday the downpour was particularly heavy, 3 inches falling in less than two hours. Low lying lands were flooded, and considerable damage was done to crops and fences. The approximate losses are as follows: — Messrs. John Wiseman, £150; James Wiseman, £00; Cornthwaite, mile fencingwashed away; Lambert Ashman, £100: Swaby, a large area of ploughed land and crop completely bared of soil.

 1904 H. Barker at Middle-bridge was injured with a fractured skull from falling off his horse as he raced it and it stumbled on the road.

 1905 At Dunolly: this morning Alexander Gunn, while riding a horse along a road was thrown heavily on to his head, and was dragged about 20 ft. .When he was picked up it was seen that he was seriously hurt, and his removal to the hospital was ordered, but on arriving there life was extinct. Deceased, was a single man, about 31 years of age.

1931 On the soldier’s memorial plot near the Dunolly Railway Station the new granite pillar, erected by the Dunolly Progress Association, was unveiled by Councillor Parker.

24 April, 2017

April 24

1869 The first Murphy's Flat school No 143 opened.

 1889 Six cases of diphtheria outbreak reported in one family at Dunolly.

 1897 AA Middleton won the Druids Wheel Race.

 1906 Leslie Lee fell over a bag of hay in the stables and broke his arm again, the same one broken in the January 15 accident when he was hit by a train.

1918 Inglewood-Tarnagulla-Dunolly train will wait at Inglewood until 6pm in connection with the Red Cross Carnival.

23 April, 2017

April 23

1860 Dunolly Market Square officially opened – this was a dismal failure as between 1865-1873 it was used as stables for goats and  Cobb & Co ,it was eventually pulled down in October 1873 and recycled to build the grandstand at the Recreation Reserve.

 1875 A chap named James Mooney who had been seriously injured at the Prince of Wales company mine claim some months ago was thrown from his horse and was greatly cut and injured on the head, he was taken to Dunolly Hospital.

 1875 Leaving at 7am about 700 people, mainly children, travelled from Dunolly to Geelong arriving at midday on two special trains. The Mayor of Geelong, Mr Upton, the town clerk and citizens met the party at the railway station and the Mayor of Dunolly and other guests partook of the mayors hospitality while the greater number spread themselves all over the town , visiting the gardens, the bay, factories and vineyards, sadly at half part 4 the party had to meet at the station to make the journey back home again, having only had four and a half hours to explore the lovely town to reach their destination at a reasonable hour in the evening.

 1900 The formation of a rifle club at Dunolly, amongst other districts, was approved of by the Lieutenant Governor in council.

 1937 The Dunolly Football Club was reformed with Mr Downs as president, Mr Sandow as Treasurer and Mr Rudd as secretary, with hopes the club will be able to shortly affiliate with the Loddon Valley Association.

22 April, 2017

April 22

1890 A meeting of the Bet Bet Shire Council discussed the proposed free trade movement amongst farmers.

1904 At Waanyarra a group of three miners found a 158 oz. gold nugget.