Dunolly and District

22 June, 2017

June 22

1858 Meeting held to form the Mechanic’s Institute in Dunolly.

 1874 The Dunolly Express has the following report of a live thistle destroyer Mr. R. Steel, of Wedderburn, states that a very singular occurrence has taken place of late upon his farm at Craigie Lea, a thistle exterminator having appeared in the shape of some animal or animals not at present known. It attacks both old and young plants alike, and a large paddock belonging to Mr. Steel has already been almost completely cleared. The animal scratches away the surface of the ground until access is obtained to the root of the plant, when, if of tender growth, one bite is sufficient, but if old and tough, two or three holes are made, and the root is attacked on all sides. This is followed by the death of the plant, which may be knocked down by the slightest touch of the foot. We confess that we should have been inclined to doubt had the story not been told to us by such reliable authority."

 1878 A Chinese miner found a 400oz nugget at Jericho, near Bealiba, in shallow digging.

 1878 The Hons. Major Smith and F. Longmore, accompanied by Mr Davies, M.L.A., in passing through Dunolly to-day were entertained at Host Tatchell's by the borough council, presided over by the mayor. Mr R. Ritchie. A number of the residents were also present. Afterwards Messrs Monie and Mattison, contractors of the Dunolly and St. Arnaud line of railway, invited them, together with a considerable number of the townsmen, to a first trip on the line with their new engine, which was then christened by Mrs Baxter the St. Arnaud. A large attendance of visitors cheered the train as it proceeded towards Goldsborough as far as the rails were laid, and it then returned in time for the departure of the guests by the evening mail.

 1878 Two Ministers of the Crown were here to-day—Messrs W. C.-Smith and Longmore—their object being to inspect some land in the district between this and Inglewood, in the pink. I believe that the result of their investigation was, that 20,000 acres will be immediately thrown open for selection. Mr J. H. Tates, the chairman of the Mining Board, was with the gentlemen mentioned.

 1897 Dunolly held a fete to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee with speeches, fun and unveiling of commemoration tablet at the Town Hall, a concert was held in the Town hall while the poor were gifted with food and blankets.

 1899 During the past 48 hours the rain has been very heavy and almost continuous, causing floods in low-lying -parts and damaging the late sown crops.
275 points fell and it is still raining at dusk.

 1938 The license of the Terminus Hotel was transferred from Elizabeth Wong Ying to Ivy Florence Scarff.

 1972 "Cabinet has gone as far as possible," The Assistant Minister for Primary Industry,Mr King (CP, Vic), said yesterday that constitutionally the Government had gone as far as possible with wool marketing at this stage.
Mr King was addressing a Country Party meeting at Dunolly. A copy of his remarks was issued in Canberra.
Mr King said that when one studied the proposals put forward by the AWIC one could not help but agree that the Government policy almost covered its requests in full.
"I say 'almost', because some of the finer points have yet to be worked out", he said.
The fact that the Government had agreed to carry on the 36c a pound deficiency payment for a further 12 months, was an achievement in its own right.

21 June, 2017

June 21

1816 Philip Chauncy, sketcher, amateur photographer, modeller and surveyor, was born in Datchet, Buckinghamshire, on 21 June 1816, third and youngest surviving child of William Snell Chauncy and Theresa, the English-born daughter of a French surgeon, Dr Dominique Pierre Lamothe. He was the brother of Martha Snell Berkeley and Theresa Snell Walker. Their mother died in 1818 and their father remarried the following year, subsequently having five more children, some of whom also came to Australia.

 1887 On the event of Her Majesty’s jubilee, At Talbot the children received new Testaments from a committee of clergymen and were afterwards entertained at tea receiving souvenirs of the event. Special donations of the Talbot Borough council were made to the Ladies Benevolent society for the distribution of blankets and firewood amongst the poor.
Inmates of the Amherst District Hospital were entertained at a special repast,, the town hall, private dwellings, halls of the Oddfellows and other societies were illuminated.

 1888 A frightful accident occurred to-day on the new line from Dunolly to Inglewood, at Dunolly.. Guard Williams, who had only returned this morning from a holiday, while passing from the tender to the ballast up trucks when the train was in motion, stepped on the trap-door in the centre of the trucks,which gave way with him, and he fell through between the rails. The train passed over him, and he sustained fearfu injuries, which caused almost immediate death. The deceased, who was a highly respectable man, leaves a widow and family.

 1894 The Dunolly Vine and Fruit Growers Association held a Vintage Festival in Fulcher’s Grand Coffee Palace.

 1908 Dunolly vs Maryborough, Dunolly won 6 goals 4 behinds to 3 goals 3 behinds, ground very slippery. Umpire Roper very impartial, very satisfactory.

 1911 a miner killed.
DUNOLLY, Wednesday.
A serious accident occurred at the Burnt Greek 'Dredging Company's works, at Bromley, 'to one of the workmen named James Strain Peart. He was about to fire tlhe charge to a bole previously bored, for the purpose of loosening the ground, when a portion of the earth overhead came away unexpectedly, striking him and causing serious injuries to the upper portion of his body, badly fracturing the base of his skull, and breaking both jaws. Medical aid was quickly available. Peart was removed to the hospital, where he died without regaining consciousness.

1919 Dunolly beat Carisbrook 4 goals 6 behinds to 2 goals 2 behinds.

 1932 It was announced that Mr Sellars had been appointed to the Outdoor Staff at the Dunolly Hospital.

 1935 a 3oz nugget was found in the old Berlin Leads at Rheola.

20 June, 2017

June 20

1857 A public meeting was held at the Golden Age Hotel where the inhabitants of Dunolly discussed the 3 bills before the legislature Lands Bill, Goldfields Bill and Mining on Private Property Bill.

1871 Light Of The Future division of Sons Of Temperance held a meeting in the town hall as a hospital benefit for their 1st Anniversary Tea.

 1924 Excitement gripped the countryside when it became known a jaguar and a puma had escaped from the Perry Bros circus train as it was headed to Dunolly from St Arnaud. Circus staff quickly captured the jaguar but the puma made into the bush. Several armed patrols from nearby townships joined the hunt and found the dangerous animal near Carapooee West where it was destroyed.

 1909 Proprietress of the Royal Hotel, Goldsborough (Dunolly), Mrs King aged 74, died after having broken her thigh a month ago due to falling from a chair.

 1936 A reunion of 200 former Tarnagulla residents at a dance held at ANZAC House in Melbourne.

19 June, 2017

June 19

1858 First council meeting held at Lyle’s Bull and Mouth hotel.

1879 All Melbourne shares of the Kentish Company have sold, locally a thousand more than are available have been applied for.

 1887 The different churches within Dunolly held Thanksgiving services in connection with Her Majesty’s jubilee with the National Anthem sang at each service.

 1915 Though the visitors were well beaten at Timor, the game was by no means uneven. Both sides expressed satisfaction with Crowe's umpiring. The scores were : Timor-10 goals 4 behinds (64 points). Dunolly-6 goals 8 behinds (44 points).

18 June, 2017

June 18

Dunolly, June 18th.
An intense feeling of alarm and indignation has been aroused in this district in consequence of the unblushing attempt of the squatters and squatting government to rob the people of their patrimony in the shape of the lands of the colony, as likewise by the Goldfields and Mining on Private Lands Bills,intended as they are to hoodwink a humbugged digging community, and as presented by our sapient rulers. Even that remarkably quiet neighborhood, Maryborough, has been galvanised to souse of imminent peril consequent on the daring efforts of the Haines-Michie-Ebden ministry to throw the colony into the insatiate maw of the squatters, and a public meeting was held last evening at the Maclvor Hotel in order to denounce the grasping and roguish schemes of an unprincipled coalition. The result has not transpired here, but the people about Maryborough are unanimous in condemnation of the audacious devices of the Government aided by their allies the squattocracy.I cannot convey adequately an idea of the disgust and determined opposition in Dunolly and the surrounding diggings, but a special meeting of the progress committee was called and held at the Bendigo Hotel last evening, and it was resolved to convene a public meeting to be held at the Golden Age Hotel on Saturday, 20 th inst., in order that the opinions of the people around us may be made known to the country at large. During the assemblage of the committee, a requisition was presented to J.M'Lean, Esq., chairman, signed by 53 householders,soliciting him to call a public meeting for a similar purpose. A draft of the resolutions was agreed to embracing the three Bills : 1st, The Crown Lands ;2nd, Gold Fields ; 3rd, Mining on Private Lands,,and in repudiation of the bunch, and although,the gentlemen who concocted them include men of various shades of politics, and some of whom are or were staunch friends of the present ministry, yet they have not hesitated strenuously to oppose the bills attempted to be smuggled through a willing Assembly, that is as it applies to a majority of the members.The scales have dropped from the eyes of large numbers of those who possess no foresight, and who fondly imagine that our present rulers are the incarnation of honesty and ability ; and even their thick and thin supporters are compelled to fall in with the people in this instance. Mr Duffy gave expression to an almost universal sentiment when he represented the second reading of the Crown Lands (confiscation) Bill to be a swindle, and inferentially, that its concoctors were putting money into their own pockets, and thus swindling the public; and he was prophetic when he declared that such a bill could never be enforced, seeing that the people would oppose it inch by inch vi etarmis.I have studied the views of the population on the gold-fields, and it is with fear and pain I state what their convictions are : they have not a particle of confidence or hope in the Legislature as it is now constituted, and that such laws as have been or may be passed will be injurious to the people's vital interests ;that it is useless to petition or to remonstrate, and that the friendly and faithful representatives of the people are treated with contempt ; and they declare that nothing less than a bloody tragedy can clear the political atmosphere of its corrupt miasma, a pent-up desire to be revenged; a slumbering volcano is kept under by the excitement of new rushes, but their safety-valves will soon be stopped and the explosion will burst: forth,first overwhelming the Chinese, and then clashing  with Government, till the blood that may be shed will raise the diggers en masse to vindicate their strength and their manhood, the authorities will be driven to the wall, and the squatters swept away like chaff. A deep feeling of resentment of the most dangerous character has, as I have hinted, long been brooding, and as our Administrators are thoroughly reckless and regardless of the peace and welfare of the inhabitants of this country, it behoves the voice of patriotism to help us whilst an opportunity is available. The diggers are quiet, too quiet — but they are none the less resolved as to the steps necessary to adopt to bring an unprincipled combination to their senses. The squatters have exhibited the cloven foot, and we must exhibit our power.

17 June, 2017

June 17

1951 More than £200 was raised at. the Dunolly sports meeting for the local swimming pool; football practice. 10 a.m.. Sunday

16 June, 2017

June 16

 1855 The Alma Riots began when a digger named McCrea was awarded a claim in dispute with an Irish party on the Adelaide Lead on June 16 1855. The Irish drove him out of the claim and repeatedly knocked him down with sticks as he ran. He drew a revolver, fired three shots and wounded one of his assailants, variously known as Sweeney or Melloir. A fight between the English -also called the 'Allies' or 'True Blues'- and the Irish, took place and fourteen 'Tips' were rounded up and taken to the camp Governor. Hotham viewed this matter seriously, perhaps fearing the makings of another Eureka, and sent S. de Vignoles S.M., with 50 police from Richmond Barracks, to Carisbrook, these to be in reserve in case of real trouble. The Irish sent a messenger from Daisy Hill to Ballarat to bring back all the Irish, as the English, Scottish and Americans were trying to turn them off the diggings. The situation at Adelaide Lead was tense.
The local warden, with much tact, managed to quell the situation before Vignoles arrived. However, Vignoles aggravated the situation by arresting people and matters were tense for a period. Eventually the Leaders of the factions agreed to submit to the law. The local warden had been outraged at Vignoles’ blunderings into his territory and Vignoles’ attempt to make another 'Eureka' out of the Alma Riot. He made his position clear and was transferred to Castlemaine for his trouble!

 1941 Due to the restrictions on apples recently Mr Catto of Zonnebeke Orchard Rheola has been feeding his pigs up on the apples with very satisfactory results -500 fat pigs were sent to Ballarat where they achieved record prices of 3 pounds 16 shillings and 9 pence each.

 1949 It was announced during the shareholders report that Maryborough Knitting Mills had acquired the freehold on the building in which its Dunolly branch was situated and that there were plans to reconstruct the building.

15 June, 2017

June 15

1857 PROSPECTING ASSOCIATION.— I am glad to announce that in consequence of a spirited effort on the part of many of the residents of the township, a public meeting was held at the Golden Age Hotel, Broadway, on Wednesday evening last, at seven o'clock p.m., for the purpose of forming a Prospecting Association to test the auriferous resources of the district. With the exception of a feeble and senseless opposition on the part of one individual named Mr. Cook, schoolmaster, the meeting (which numbered between three hundred and four hundred storekeepers and diggers) was unanimous in resolving that there existed an urgent necessity for such an Association, and concurred in entrusting the arrangement of the details to the following committee,
viz.: Messrs. Daly, J. Wingfield, M'Lean, Quinlan,Palmer, Sanders, and Bergin, storekeepers ; along with Messrs. W.H. Wingfield, Lewis, Morney, Ashley,Wheeler, and Register, miners. I believe that the committee have arranged that the number of the prospecting party shall consist of twelve miners in three parties of four men each ; that 2os. per week shall be allowed to each man from the funds to be raised by the Association two holes to be sunk in each gully ; the sphere of trial to be confined meantime within four miles of Dunolly.I wish that every success may attend the efforts of the Association, and sincerely trust that as its objects are most praiseworthy, and entitled to enthusiastic encouragement and support, that the public will cheerfully subscribe the needful for forming a substantial fund, on which the committee can draw without stint.
MINING MATTERS. — The great want amongst our miners at present is that most necessary aid to colonial prosperity, viz., water. This is now anxiously looked for, and I think it cannot be long before our wishes are gratified. Although the season is now far advanced,we have as yet had little or no rain to speak of. At Jordan's Diggings, the present population is about 700 diggers. Very little has been doing there recently, but I understand that a rush took place on Friday last,close to Miller street, which was caused by two Irish-men having been reported to have washed from 8 to 10ounces to the load. Another party is reported to have obtained on Saturday last, from an adjoining claim two and a half pennyweights off the bottom. This looks well. Many think that Jordan's will go ahead. With the exception of Bulldog Gully (where there is a good population, many of whom are said to be doing well, some in the alluvial ground, and others on the quartz reef), the Diggings in this neighborhood generally are dull.

 1916 AMPUTATION OF HAND. DUNOLLY, Thursday. While cutting a log at his saw bench at Goldsborough this afternoon, Stanley Brooker was severely injured. His left hand came into contact with the saw and was badly mutilated. He was taken to the hospital where it was found necessary to amputate the hand at the wrist.

 1944 Convinced that the current Dunolly and Tarnagulla water supple is inadequate the State Parliamentary Public Works Committee has recommended that pipelines from Laancoorie be constructed by next summer.

14 June, 2017

June 14

1864 The Results of Dissipation. — A case of violent assault, heard at the municipal police court, yesterday, exhibited the very common results of a life of dissipation. Two women, named O'Connor and Filbin, residing in Barnard street — both apparently doubtful characters as far as regarded morality — after drinking, quarrelled, and the woman Filbin, raising an axe, struck the other woman on the skull with the sharp edge, inflicting a frightful wound, which necessitated her removal to the hospital, where she remained more than a week, during which time her life was in danger. There is no doubt that had the blow been directed with but little more force, the woman Filbin would have had to stand her trial for murder instead of an assault.— Dunolly Advertiser, June 14.

 1898 Heavy, constant rain inundated the low lying lands around Dunolly.

 1910 A farmer at Eddington had reported thefts from his hay stack so a policeman and he hid near the stack and observed the thief helping himself to the hay, then arrested him.

13 June, 2017

June 13 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

1864 Coach Accident.— A serious, accident happened 'to the six o'clock coach from this to Ballaarat, on Saturday morning. When a short distance from the Bet Bet, a flock of goats rushed across the road, and frightened the horse, which bolted off the road and ran the coach against a tree, almost smashing it to atoms. The driver was thrown off and seriously hurt, but luckily there were no passengers, or the consequences must have been disastrous in the extreme, No blame whatever was to be attached to the unfortunate coachman

1864 Parchment v. Paper. — A fellow from Dunolly paid a visit to a shanty-keeper at the rush, and in payment for purchases, gave what appeared to be a pound note. The mistress of the shanty handed the same in payment for a bottle of gin a short time afterwards, and was told by the storekeeper to whom she proffered it in payment, that a swindle had been practised on her, for the document was an old and worthless miner's right. — DunollyExpress, June 13.

1890 An Italian found a 46.5oz nugget at Little Chinaman’s 3 miles east of Dunolly.

1894 St John’s church organ recital with the combined choirs of Maryborough and Dunolly.

1909 A rough match between Maryborough and Dunolly at Princes Park saw Dunolly win by 8 points but not before spectators began fighting and the police called in with a player from each team assisted from the ground one with a broken collar bone the other with an injured leg.

1912 It was reported in the South Bourke and Mornington Journal that, following a query from the Dunolly Public Library regarding the loaning of books into homes where infectious diseases are present, the Board of Public Health decided this was not to be allowed in the future.

1918 The Dunolly Red Cross Branch collected and contributed to the April-May Appeal 61 pounds 13 shillings and 11 pence.

1937 The Anglican Ball was held in the Town Hall; consisting of good music and a banquet supper it was enjoyed by many.
DUNOLLY, Sunday-Perfect weather, good music a gaily decorated hall and a banquet supper combined to make the Anglican ball In the town hall a great success Mr Colin Brooker was secretary.