18 January, 2018

Fundraising event - Essential oils workshop Feb. 24

The workshop will cover the benefits of essential oils, and discover how the oils can transform the way you manage your health. You can purchase the oil(s) at the end of the workshop.

Entry by donation as Susie is fundraising for her trip to Japan in May for the World Martial Arts Championship, your support is greatly appreciated. There will be a door prize.

Booking is essential, please inbox Susie, or email: earth2136@hotmail.com or ph: 0488 058 690.

Dunolly Australia Day Community Twilight Market 3pm-8pm

Get your stalls booked, pitch a tent, hire a caravan, hop on board the broomstick,  perch on a chimney pot but get thee up the highway to the great, fun-filled Dunolly Australia Day Twilight Market.

When?  - Ummm....Australia Day January 26th
Time?  - 3pm - 8pm
BYO?  - Yes, BYO own giggles. Or borrow some from the frolicking frivolous funsters.

For stall enquiries, bookings and a chirpy conversation phone Lucinda 0448 681 147

January 18 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu ) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1858 First school at Tarnagulla began, with William Harper as headmaster, at rear of Union Bank, a Church of England school.

 1861 Bet Bet Roads Board, pre-cursor to the council, was formed.

1919 Mr. Jas. Walsh, after over 40 years ‘service in the Railway Department,20 years of which he spent here as a ganger, retired about two months ago, and is now leaving for Melbourne. On Thursday, 2nd. inst.,there was a very large gathering at St. Marv's schoolroom to big farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Walsh. The chair was occupied by Cr. Costello, who spoke highly of both Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, and of their kindness and sympathy in all cases of need. In Church matters and those pertaining to the general good of the district they took a keen interest, and their departure would be a great loss. He wished them long life and happiness in their new sphere. Rev. Fr. Coughlin presented Mr. Walsh with handsome writing desk, and Mrs. Walsh with a lady's handbag, in which was a sum of money. The gifts were suitably acknowledged. .During the evening an enjoyable musical programme was gone through, and after supper a dance was held.

 1932 A prisoner, on remand from Dunolly for theft of cycle and wireless set, tore a hole in the Maryborough lockup ceiling, escaping through the hole just as a policeman entered his cell and was at liberty for 12 mins until the police recaptured him.

 1939 REPRIEVE NOT LIKELY Dunolly Murders
It is most Improbable that the State Ministry will reverse its recommendation to the Governor In Council that sentence of death passed on Thomas William Johnson, aged 40 years, for the murder of two men at a delicensed hotel at Dunolly on October 3 should be carried out. Unless a reprieve is granted, Johnson will be hanged at Pentridge at 8 a.m. on Monday.

The Chief Secretary and Attorney General (Mr. Bailey) told a deputation yesterday that he could hold out little hope that the sentence of the Court would not be executed. It was impossible to call a special meeting of Cabinet, but he would discuss the representations with the Premier and other Ministers who were In Melbourne.

The deputation, which was introduced by the leader of the State Labour Parliamentary party (Mr. Cain), comprised representatives of the Federal and State Labour parties, the Trades Hall Council, and the secretary of the social service department of the Churches of Christ (the Rev. W. H. Clay).

Members of the deputation urged that hanging was not a deterrent to murder, and was repugnant to the Australian people.

"This is not a matter for the Government or the Governor in Council," Mr. Batley said. "It is a matter for Parliament. The death penalty is prescribed by law, and it is for the people to say whether the law should be altered. The only responsibility of the Governor in Council is to decide whether the law shall take its course. The Cabinet went very thoroughly into the case, and it was only after mature consideration that it recommended to the Governor in Council that the law should take its course."

17 January, 2018

January 17 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1857 Intelligence of a very daring bushranging outrage was received in town on Saturday evening week. About two p.m. one day last week, as a Mr. McLinden, a draper in Little Bourke-street, was travelling between Maryborough and Dunolly, three men emerged suddenly from the bush, when two of them presenting revolvers, threatened to blow his brains out if he resisted, whilst the third procured a rope, and bound him by the wrists to the tail of his cart. His pockets were then rifled of £114 in bank notes, 63 1/2 sovereigns, and £2 7s. 6d. in silver. The robbers then bade him good day and left him. Whilst in this position the horse started off, the man was dragged after the cart, and it is providential that he was not killed. His wrists are severely cut from the rope, and he is otherwise much shaken. The highwaymen were on foot, and the outrage was committed in the Butchers' Bridge road (appropriate name), and about three miles from Dunolly.

 1902 A young married couple, by the name of Cumper, lost all belongings when their 2 roomed residence burnt down at south Dunolly.

 1908 Constable Credlin, who is leaving for Melbourne after 3.5 yrs. in Dunolly, was given a send-off in the council chambers, and was presented with a gold albert chain by the mayor, Councillor Nolan.

 1909 A church service was held in the Gordon Gardens to fund raise for the Italian earthquake effort with Dunolly Brass Band playing selections and 9 pounds raised.

 1917 DUNOLLY DEPARTURE OF NURSE. Nurse Eddie, a nurse at the hospital, having passed her final examination, has resigned her position to take one in Melbourne. Prior to her departure she was entertained at a social by the staff, and presented with a field service hypodermic syringe by the doctor. The staff gave her a nurse’s chatelaine; she was an excellent nurse and a great favourite.

 1948 First play on Dunolly Bowls green.

 1965 Llanelly school fence was burnt by bushfires.

16 January, 2018


 All current, returning and new players welcome. 
It's important if you are interested in playing you attend pre season. 
No positions are a given and team selection will be based on fitness, performance, commitment and team work. 
If you or someone you know are keen to join a cohesive team come along.

January 16 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1874 A site for the Dunolly common school was vested in the Minster for Public Instruction.

 1888 One of the earliest settlers in Victoria and one of the oldest residents of Dunolly, Mr Robert Cowley died aged 83. He came to Portland with the Henty’s in 1836 and said to have sown the first crop of wheat in Victoria; he operated at the first postmaster at Dimboola before moving to this area.

1906 A group of schoolboys were hunting rabbits near the tailings of the Church Union Mine in Dunolly when one boy got into the cavity caused by the burrows when a large quantity of sand fell on him covering him entirely. Life was almost extinct by he was dug out promptly and revived successfully.

1909 Tenders were called for the erection of an operating theatre at Dunolly hospital and for alterations to the admin portion of the hospital.

1915 It was announced that Sister Mildred of St Joseph's Convent in Traralgon, was being transferred to the Dunolly Convent, the ladies of St Michael's Church presented the sisters with a souvenir on the eve of their departure and many friends assembled at the railway station to bid them goodbye.

 1917 The Rutherglen Fly is very prevalent and is causing great damage to peaches, figs, tomatoes, French Beans, lettuces, and turnips.

1925 A farmer at Betley, Mr Hole, was carting in hay when he fell from the load and the cart passed over him before the horses could be stopped, breaking 2 ribs. His neighbours have organised a working bee to finish his harvest.

 1930 Minister for Forests Mr Beckett visited Tarnagulla to inspect the eucalyptus distillery installed by the Forests commission for experimental purposes.

15 January, 2018


 All current, returning and new players welcome. 
It's important if you are interested in playing you attend pre season. 
No positions are a given and team selection will be based on fitness, performance, commitment and team work. 
If you or someone you know are keen to join a cohesive team come along.

January 15 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1864 CURIOUS ROBBERY.- A rascal at Dunolly, this week, accomplished a feat that all the police in New South Wales were unable to effect, by sticking up the celebrated bush- ranger Frank Gardiner, and robbing him of his revolver. A collection of waxworks was being exhibited at Frayne's Theatre, and amongst them was the representation of this colonial Claude Duval, revolver in hand, supposed to be in the very act of politely re- questing some unfortunate traveller to " level up;" and we are informed that some individual, doubtless in a state of happy ignorance as to the existence of the old rule of meum and tuum, went in in the night with the intention of purloining the pistol, and finding that he was unable to wrest it from the hand of the figure, actually broke off the hand, and carried it away with the revolver. It was certainly an audacious proceeding. The model will have to be sent to Melbourne to be repaired.

 1888 dreadful day 110 degrees with strong northerly blowing clouds of dust and fruit from trees.

 1899 The Drapery store formerly occupied by Mr Legge was burnt, with Mr Manley's watchmaking business slightly effected on one side and Mr Cheetham’s private residence considerably damaged on the other side.

 1902 The outbuildings of Mr Posiner at Bromley with 500 fruit cases, harnesses, saddles, beds and mattress lost in a fire.

 1906 Mr Lee, butcher, did not notice the approach of the 4.10pm St Arnaud train which then smashed into his cart, he was uninjured but his son was more so, he was taken to the hospital was a broken arm.

 1906 Mr Samuel Nicholls, J.P., of Murphy's Flat, was driving with his grandson to Dunolly this afternoon,and when about a mile from the town the horse fell, throwing both occupants out of the buggy. The child escaped without injury, but Mr Nicholls was badly bruised about the chest and had his hand cut.

 1936 Heavy electrical storm lightning struck the wires in a fence between properties of Councillor McPherson and Mr Howard at Betley. A small grass fire began but was extinguished by the efforts of neighbours and showers.

 2011 Carisbrook - Most of the township was evacuated this morning, with residents describing the conditions as catastrophic, with nothing seen like this before. Authorities were urging residents to keep away as the water level is not expected to recede anytime soon, potentially days.
800 residents have been affected and Chris Meadows-Taylor, the Mayor of Central Goldfields Shire, has claimed the situation is worse than expected.
The bowling club in Dunolly, the Senior Citizens Rooms in Carisbrook and the Princes Park Sports Complex, upstairs at the Grandstand in Maryborough has been set up as relief centres.

13 January, 2018

Musical Afternoon @ Ripples on the Res

January 13 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1863 A 30oz nugget was found on Clover’s gully diggings.

1865 The Dunolly branch of Bank of Australasia, located at 72 Broadway, closed.

 1878 Mr James Cherry’s post office store at Orville with the post office and the bank office of the union bank were completely destroyed by fire.

1898 FATAL MINING ACCIDENT. |DUNOLLY, Thursday. This forenoon a fatal accident occurred at the Dunolly Alluvial Company's mine. John Cumper, the mine manager, went down in company with John Fishlock, and entered the old drive, about 700ft. from the shaft, for the purpose of drawing laths. He was advised not to do so, but considered it perfectly safe. Soon after, commencing work it is supposed that a set of timber gave way, and a quantity of ground came down, completely burying Cumper. His mate at once went to the shaft, and gave the alarm, and a number of willing hands were speedily on the spot, but some time elapsed before the body was recovered. Dr. Cookson pronounced life extinct. The deceased was a practical miner, and for many years manager of the Burnt Creek Company. He leaves a widow and large family, mostly grown-up. An inquiry is being held.

 1914 OLD RESIDENT'S DEATH. Mr John Holt, more familiarly known as "Cockney Jack," one of the oldest residents in the district, passed away on Tuesday morning, aged 81 years. He was a native of London, and well connected. He served his time as a ship's carpenter, but the news of gold discoveries brought deceased to Victoria in the early fifties. He was fairly successful in mining, but afterwards took to carpentry, which he followed till a short time ago. He lost heavily some years ago in mining speculations. He was a most genial, intelligent, and conversant man, a great favourite, and unmarried.

 1929 Telegraph poles in the Dunolly Railway Station carrying 8 trunk lines, 2 Morse telegraph lines, 5 subscribers telephone lines were burnt with services interrupted for several hours. 100 tons of wood, valued at 750 pounds, was also destroyed, when it was stacked at the mill near the station owner by Mr Lionel Akers.

 1937 SKELETON CASE MELBOURNE. Wednesday. Fresh Hope has come to detectives on the Wedderburn skeleton mystery, with a report that a cross-eyed man resembling the description of the mine shaft victim left Serpentine in the Inglewood district last June to go to Wedderburn prospecting. An Important clue linking this man with the skeleton is that when he was seen at Serpentine it was a wet day. He had the bottoms of his trousers turned up, revealing a piece of red rubber sewn on to the end of one trouser leg. A piece of red bicycle tubing was sewn to the Inside at the bottom of the right leg of the trousers unearthed from the mine shaft with the skeleton.
Accompanied by a fairly tall young woman, wearing a black hat with feathers in the left side near the front, this man was travelling the roads of northern districts early last year.
Were on Foot
They were travelling on foot and were carrying a blue bag and a sugar bag. They had been prospecting around Dunolly, Rushworth, Bealiba and Emu before they arrived at Serpentine. The man previously worked in Gippsland for the Country Roads Board.
Residents of Serpentine who saw these wayfarers and spoke to them have told the police that they were begging food, though the man said that they were finding enough gold to supplement his miners' sustenance allowance of 8s a week and enable the two of them to live. The people who gave the detectives this Information noted that the man was neat and clean in appearance and that the clothes he wore and the gear he was carrying seemed to be of good quality.
His description and his clothing tally with those of the murdered man who was buried in the shaft in the bush near the Calder Highway on the Inglewood side of Wedderburn. His woman companion was 25 or 30 years old, 5ft 7in height and was dressed in a black frock and coat. The police wish to hear immediately from anyone who has seen this man or woman

 1948 Public health commission decided to close the stands at Dunolly racecourse, in disrepair, as unsafe.