31 October, 2011

Dunolly's Grande Ball on October 31

Dunolly and District Hospital was opened, with 20 beds, and a celebratory 'Grande Ball' was held in Simpson’s Bendigo Hotel which was attended by all.


29 October, 2011

Barefoot Days in Dunolly on October 29

Following the example set by the school children at Maldon, the Dunolly State School children are also going barefoot ; parents say it will be a saving in boots, shoes, socks and the time spent darning those socks!


Hmmm, lovely, squelchy mud between your toes!

28 October, 2011

Ups and downs of hospital fundraising on October 28

The annual Dunolly and District Hospital Ball realised a profit of £68...while at the Dunolly State School a scholar swallowed a half-penny.
Which did nothing for the hospital coffers.

27 October, 2011

Dunolly Hospital went topless on October 27

The new-look Dunolly and District Hospital, with the original second storey removed, was reopened by Dr Lindell.
The remodelling cost £80,000.

This was not the matron at the time.

26 October, 2011

Pubs were drying up at a great rate of knots on October 26

The Licence Reduction Board sat in the Dunolly Court House and made the following awards to those who had had their pubs delicenced;
Man of Kent Hotel, Bromley, owned by The Maldon Brewing Co. which received £160.
Juction Hotel, Dunolly, Mrs Davis (owner and licensee) £185.
Telegraph Hotel, Dunolly, Mr Dillon (owner) received £250 and Mr. Brandie (licencee) £45.
Windsor Castle Hotel, Dunolly, Mrs. Dingle (owner) £310 and Mr. Giagins (licencee) £85.

One pub that didn't lose it's licence...

25 October, 2011

October 25 not great for Le French

A French watchmaker, named Charpoit, died at Dunolly from a fit of apoplexy occasioned by hearing of the news of the French reverses in the Franco-Prussian War.


24 October, 2011

The Royal Hotel First Birthday

Hear ye, hear ye, get thee backsides down to Ye Olde Public House The Royal Hotel and party with everyone to celebrate Queen Karen's first year in residence!

Click on pic for larger image or the red highlighted link to read the full details.

October 24 was not a good day out for boxing fans

A prize fight was held at Dunolly between Joe Massey and Sambo with 20 pounds per side; after the 43rd round Sambo failed to come around in time and Massey was declared the winner.


23 October, 2011

Bullets were flying on 23rd October in Dunolly

A rifle match took place between Dunolly and Carisbrook Rifle Clubs at the Dunolly butts; Dunolly used Martini-Henri rifles while the visitors used Enfield rifles and won by 77 points.


22 October, 2011

Dunolly was almost trainless on 22nd October

"Since the railway strike began only 1 passenger train per day has run through Dunolly causing great inconvenience,"... this was pointed out to the Railway Commissioners who visited last week and a second train was to begin the following week.


21 October, 2011

October 21 in Dunolly

Licensee Elizabeth Whelan was charged with having refused accommodation at the Railway Hotel; she was fined 2 pounds and costs.


20 October, 2011

On 20th October in Dunolly

The contractor employed for erecting shelter sheds at the Rheola State School, Mr Seacombe,was digging the ground for a post when he found a 44 oz nugget.


19 October, 2011

October 19

James Roirdan had his leg broken and back injured during a fall of earth while he was working at the gravel pit in Tarnagulla.


18 October, 2011

Lesson of October 18? Don't tick off a Dunolly-ite!

It was reported in the Aussie press that a section of the British Legion, on the way to Czechoslovakia, had created an effigy of Lord Beaverbrook (owner of The Evening Standard and Daily Express) and hung it from the rigging as they resented the advice from his papers to disband the legion to let the Czechs 'sort out their own affairs'.
Sergeant Atherton, formerly of Dunolly, said,
“We were invited to do a job of work, if we were no longer required that was someone else’s business not ours. What put us in a better spirits than anything else was making the effigy of a well-known personality whose criticisms we resented. We kicked the effigy good and hard, and woke in the morning to have another go at it but it had disappeared. Probably someone drowned it in the Southend mud”.

17 October, 2011

17th of October was a bad day for the Havelock pub

One of the oldest landmarks of the district, The Havelock Hotel, situated on the junction of the Dunolly and Eddington Roads, at Havelock, was completely destroyed by fire.

16 October, 2011

16th day of the Eighth month

Mr J. Burrows, who had taken members of his family to see their mother in hospital at Dunolly, was returning home when he was mistaken for robbers who had broken into the Newbridge Post Office and Store, breaking into the safe.
Shots were fired at Mr Burrows’ car by residents but thankfully no one was injured.


15 October, 2011

Excitement abounded in Dunolly on October 15...

The Dunolly Express reported that at the depth of 150 feet there was a 12 feet length of timber (log or tree trunk) found in the Band of Hope Company; while it was speculated that no one knew the age of the timber or how it came to be at such a depth it was noted that the grain of the wood was clearly visible and was soft to the touch.


13 October, 2011

12 October, 2011

12th day of October saw much talking about Gordon Gardens

It was reported in The Age that there was still substantial heated debate circulating about Gordon Gardens and the possible placement of a new State School on the site.

Which probably didn't have the free BBQs at that time...

11 October, 2011

Things the youngsters got up to on October 11

A small feature appeared on 14 yr old Nellie Leersen, from Eddington State School, which told how she cleans and spins the wool from the fleece from the sheep on her farm then makes garments for her younger siblings, using a spinning wheel propelled by a foot pedal.
Many of her exhibits have attracted attention in State Schools’ Exhibitions in Melbourne and Bendigo.


Mark your diaries....Back to Emu November 6, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye....
Back your gear in the motor and get thee up the road to explore the lovely area between Dunolly and St Arnaud, particularly the spot marked as Emu.

A 90th birthday celebration of the Emu Memorial Hall - built to honour the memory of those who'd gone to serve in WW1 - is to be held between 10 am and 5 pm.
So, go explore and join in the history celebrations!

November 6th 2011.

A request for old photos, further contact details and information to be found HERE.

09 October, 2011

The 9th of October saw Big News announced....

The Board of Viticulture met where the secretary, Mr Shillinglaw, reported that the Government Scent Farm at Dunolly was a great success; it was agreed that Mr Mellon, the scent farm manager, would be given appliances to distil oil and a handbook on the manufacture of essential oils and perfumes which would be ready by the end of the month.

07 October, 2011

7th October in 'olden days'...

After an application from the Dunolly Tennis Club the local council decided there was no objection to tennis, cricket or golf being played on the reserves or parks on Sundays.


06 October, 2011

6th October in the days of yore...

Mr Catto, a Rheola orchardist, was injured when a kangaroo smashed through his windscreen as he was returning from transporting Mr & Mrs Tavenoff  (who had been hurt in an earlier, and unrelated) car capsize incident.

05 October, 2011

October 5 notes on history...

Mr Foster, the Minister of Mines, was touring the goldfields and arrived at Dunolly on this day.
At the party at the town hall Mr Foster announced that, in order to lift the country out of the depression (economic depression started in 1890), wealth would have to be taxed.
Tarnagulla was visited later that day then the ministry group travelled onwards to Bendigo.


04 October, 2011

October 4 in days gone by...

Between 400-500 people gathered on the Waanyarra goldfield to hold community singing and to distribute gifts of food and clothing to the miners on Government sustenance ("the Susso"), organised by the Tarnagulla branch of the ladies section of the United Country Party.

03 October, 2011

Children ran amok on October 3

1,100 children from Dunolly, Tarnagulla, Moliagul, Bealiba and the surrounding areas were taken to Bet Bet by train where they were treated to a Grand Fete by Mr Bloomfield, the contractor for the Maryborough-Dunolly railway line.
A great time was had by all.