19 October, 2012

October 19 Delicious Dunolly Dinner

Nope, nothing again unless you want Groundhog Day to keep your brain spinning.

Instead, go grab yourself some of Andy's yummy, award-winning bacon at Dunolly Quality Meats and do something wild and wicked with it.
Like....chop, pan fry and toss through pasta with Greek yoghurt.

Dice and grill bacon, toss through cooked potatoes, throw in a few roughly chopped spring onions and generously mix with mayonnaise.

Pan fry along with a couple of mega big paddock mushrooms; serve the bacon on top of mushies with parsley and chopped chives.

Lightly fry then sandwich the super sweet bacon slices between sliced onion, tomato, eggplant interspersed with grated cheese in ramekins; bake in oven for approx. 30mins.

Take a slice of bread, spread mustard on one side, place cooked bacon on it, spread with curried egg, top with baby spinach leaves, sprinkle extra tasty cheese, then slam 2nd bread slice on top.
Squish down flat and then either -
 A) spray each side with cooking oil and toast or B) using favourite metal biscuit cutter press down and lightly toast shapes (can be served as horses doovers to polite and not so polite company).

Wrap bacon around asparagus spears, pitted Kalamata olives (black ones) and pitted prunes, hold with toothpick and grill.

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