26 October, 2012

October 26 Double Warp Odd Bod

The train which should have reached Dunolly at 12. 55 pm today was delayed by a peculiar incident, and did not arrive till 1.20 pm , being 25 minutes late. 
A short distance this side of the Bet Bet Railway Station a man was discovered kneeling with his head close to the line He remained in this attitude until the whole of the train had passed.
 The train stopped, and returned to the spot, when it was found that the man was uninjured, and apparently unconcerned.
As it is stated that several men were watching this eccentric individual, it is supposed that his action was the result of a wager, or due to foolhardiness. 
Some delay and inconvenience were caused, as the St Arnaud and Inglewood trains were both delayed.
After ascertaining that the man was uninjured, the train came on at once, there being no time to make inquiries as to the reason for his action.

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