06 February, 2013

February 6 Spud 'n' Cheese

Nope, got nothing for this date apart from the already mentioned fact (last year) that the Eddington School opened in 1862.

So, I'll share a recipe that was requested by "WB of Dunolly" on Feb 5, 1936...who obviously needed to tempt those fussy kids.

Potatoes au Gratin-
Cut some freshly boiled new potatoes into thick slices, and mix them with half of a pint of good white sauce.
 Take out with a gravy spoon and arrange in the middle of a fireproof dish.
 Sprinkle grated cheese thickly over the top.
 Pour over the remainder of the sauce and cover with a layer of cheese and breadcrumbs.
 Dot with butter and cook in a hot oven for 20 minutes.
 A squeeze of lemon juice may be added if liked.

These children swear by Spud 'n' Cheese as made by "WB of Dunolly"!

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