29 April, 2013

April 29 Government fixing something that wasn't broken

 Although the Government scent farm at Dunolly has been in existence for many years it has not yet produced (says the Australasian newspaper) a really marketable perfume, and the farm has cost the Government £500 a year. 
On a recent visit to the establishment the Minister for Agriculture came to the conclusion that the method adopted of extracting the essential oils was too primitive for modern times, and this view is borne out by a report which he has since received from Mr Pearson, the Government Agricultural Chemist. Mr Taverner has decided to dispense with the services of the present manager by the end of the month, and to place the farm under the control of Mr Pearson. 
The most scientific methods will then be introduced, and instead of cultivating a variety of scent plants as at present, attention will be concentrated on a few only. An effort will be made to produce marketable lavender water, attar of roses, and a few other perfumes.
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