12 September, 2013

September 12 Lucky find and whoops-a-daisy

Ok, let's try getting the date right for a start, shall I ?!
Seems I got ahead of myself and was a day out...tis the 12th today not the 13th as I posted.
I'll leave the other post up for tomorrow's date *blush*

 A party at Mount Moliagul, while employed in washing out an old puddling machine, on Tuesday last, came across a piece of gold, worth about sixty or seventy pounds. On the following day they visited Dunolly and disposed of their nugget.
Whether it was through being elated at their success, or owing to the strength of the Dunolly liquors, we will not undertake to say, but their mental faculties soon became greatly disordered and it was remarked by several, as they were seen driving out of town, on their way home, that they would be lucky if they reached Moliagul without meeting with an accident.
It appears that they arrived about as far as Inkerman in safety, when one of the wheels of the waggon runnning into a rut, one of the party, John Saunders, was jerked out, and sustained a simple fracture of the right thigh. He was taken to the Dunolly Hospital that night.
Dr. Macgregor set the broken limb, and the man is now doing well. 

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