07 September, 2013

Waanyarra Reunion March 23 2014

The next Waanyarra Reunion will take place at its usual venue at the Waanyarra Recreation Reserve on  Sunday 23 March 2014.
We had a perfect day at the last Reunion in March 2011 after the 39 c scorcher we experienced in 2008 and greater numbers attended. However a number of our regular attendees are now past attending and it is hoped you will introduce the younger members of your family to the history of their forbearers many of whom were original pioneers in the area. We do have many new additions 
to the mailing list and many are expected to join us. In any event, it is a wonderful opportunity to picnic in the bush and meet old and new friends. 
The cost of holding reunions has in the past generally been met from the proceeds of the raffle 
held at the Reunion.
In 2011 the receipts and several generous donations met the cost of the day as we did not hire a marquee but had several smaller shelters. There have also been a number of generous donations since that time and if you would like to make a donation it can be sent to George Swinburne or given 
on the day. Cheques should  be  made payable to Families and Friends of Waanyarra. Any surplus 
proceeds will be applied to future running costs and maintenance of the Historic Cemetery.
If you can donate a raffle prize please email or write to George Swinburne (as above) or let 
him know what you will be able to donate and bring your contribution on the day. 
Traditionally, everyone brings their own picnic lunch and refreshments. 
 A BBQ fire will be provided unless it is a day of total fire ban.
We are aiming to make the 2014 Reunion the biggest and the best ever. 
Any ideas for activities that may be an attraction to attendees will be gratefully received

The Central Goldfields Concert Band (formerly the Dunolly Citizens Band) has again been
 invited to attend and entertain us. They have provided a most enjoyable program for many of the past reunions and having many of them join us for lunch has added to the occasion. 
It is a tradition of this day and an integral feature that you bring and display your old photos of Waanyarra and any other memorabilia that you think will be of interest to others. Also, if you have any old Waanyarra photos or documents you might either email a copy to George Swinburne or bring a copy to the Reunion  so that wecan include them on the Website. If you can identify the people in any photos it is obviously of more interest.

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