27 November, 2013

Dunolly Santa Show 2013

This years Santa Show will be held at the Dunolly Town Hall on Sunday 22nd December and show starts at 1 pm. This will be the 9th Santa Show running thanks to the generosity of local people and business. 
The hospital visit with Santa and his crew of elves will follow as usual and will occur around 3 pm roughly. 
The Santa Show depends on this community to bring this product to the town. 
Donations of cash can be made at the Dunolly DVD shop or the Royal Hotel. Both business have a book and an entry must be made. The Dunolly Bakery has a tin at the front counter for small change etc. 
Donations of toys and gifts can be left at the DVD shop. 
The Santa Show has a staff of 50 loyal local people, volunteers who enjoy giving their time to prop up this event and they have fun at the same time. 
The show caters to an average of 100 excited, happy children who get to actively participate in the goodwill of Christmas and the kindness of this community. 
As far as is currently known, Dunolly is the only town in Australia that runs this format of localized admission free product. 
Further updates in up coming The Welcome Record paper and on the Dunolly BBS Facebook.

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