24 November, 2013

November 24 Dunolly Doings on this day!

1856 The Dunolly Progress Committee was formed.
Quick off the mark to get stuff done, they were!

1908 The Gas Generator Sheds roof and sides were blown up when the minister, Rev. Rowlands, attempted to adjust it at the Methodist church.
Wonder if he tried to turn it off then on after the blue screen of death?

1912 A flower and egg service was conducted at St John’s Church of England by Rev HJ Carr, the flowers and eggs were collected and given to the Dunolly Hospital.

Mr George Hill, telegraph operator at the post office for some time, has been transferred to Kyneton.

1916 The Red Lion Hotel licence was surrendered, 405 pounds compensation awarded to the owner with 75 pounds compensation to the licencee.

1945 A Reunion of Dunolly residents was held in the Fitzroy Gardens.

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