27 November, 2013

November 27 Attempted Murder, an earth tremor and The Big Screen

An attempt to commit murder was made by a quartz-miner named Nutt, at Moliagul, on the evening of the 27th November. It seems that during the afternoon Nutt had a quarrel with one James Patten, which resulted in blows. Shortly after, Nutt left the place in which they had been drinking, and was followed in about an hour by Patten, who on turning the corner of a fence near Ah Loy's Chinese Store was confronted by Nutt, who at once presented a pistol at Patten's head.
Patten raised his arm to protect himself, and simultaneously Nutt fired the pistol, completely shattering Patten's left hand, and inflicting a slight wound on his head. Nutt then walked deliberately away towards his own place, but was followed by some of his neighbours and arrested.
Finding Patten to be severely injured it was determined to convey him and Nutt to Dunolly, where the latter was given into the custody of the police, and the former conveyed to the hospital, where he was at once attended by Doctors Woolfenden and Green, who found it necessary to amputate the left arm above the wrist.

1881 A slight earth tremor was felt by a number of people in Maryborough at 4am.

1915 Mr Russell, dentist and proprietor of Hoyts Cinemas, died at his home Russellville in Nimmo St, Middle Park, the son of the late Mr A F Russell, chemist, of Dunolly, where the owner of the cinema chain had been born.

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