28 November, 2013

November 28 Dunolly 'n' district doings

1874 At a meeting of the Committee of the Lawrence Athenaeum held on Tuesday last,; it was decided on the motion of Mr Squires, seconded by Dr Halley, the following motion was adopted:—'That after perusal of the first copy of the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser, received from Mr Logan, the Committee; deem it their duty to decline the receipt of the paper in future, considering it unfit for general perusal and circulation. The Committee beg at the same time to thank Mr Logan for his courtesy in offering the paper, and regret they have to express such an unfavourable opinion of its merits,'."
Well! How rude!

1877 Stables and outbuildings attached to the house of school inspector Mr Bolam were destroyed by fire, great worry was evident as the powder magazine was only 100 yards away but the fire was contained before it was reached.

1884 Due to the continuance of measles in the district the Dunolly state school remained closed for another week.

1905 An old age pensioner living near Dunolly won a sweep of 400 pounds and promptly paid back 71 pounds 8 shillings to the Govt being the pension he’d received of 7 shillings per week since 1902.

1916 It was announced that as of January 1, 1917 the Dunolly County Court would close.

1928 The children of Eddington State School contributed 100 dozen eggs to the Dunolly Hospital.
Bet those chooks were exhausted!

1936 The Argus announced that the Dunolly Progress Association with the Shire of Bet Bet had installed a new kitchenette and stage scenery in the Dunolly Town Hall, also that the Bet Bet Shire had decided to improve water supply at Dunolly by improving the embankment and enlarging the catchment area of the old lead reservoir.

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