26 December, 2013

December 26th Boxing Day picnics and sports galore!

1857 George Simpson at the Bendigo Hotel held a sports meeting with a free lunch for all to start the entertainment at 10am.

1865 A group of residents from Tarnagulla travelled to Murphy’s Flat to enjoy a pic nic and, having eaten, most wandered off to enjoy the beauty of the views when (it was supposed) a fossiker came upon the encampment and drank the ale and wine then casually let fall a spark from his pipe which burned up the entire edibles and all other creature comforts while leaving many of the other items scorched. The group was not inconvenienced and were able to make their way home again.

1883 Inglewood fete wound up with a grand concert; The first part opened with a pianoforte duet by Mrs. Henderson and Miss Mabel Garland, "The Caliph of Bagdad;" next came the favorite vocal duet "the Nightingale and the Rose," by the Misses Desmond, of Dunolly, who honestly deserved the applause they received.

1893 Athletics sports day was held at the cricket reserve at St Arnaud .There were fire brigade demo hose reel races, handicap hydrant race, ladder races, grand torchlight procession of firemen and the band at 8pm.

1893 A Boxing Day picnic for residents of Eddington was held in Hogan’s Paddock, a pretty spot on banks of Loddon River. 250 people attended, many from surrounding districts, with games, races, boating on the river, dancing on the green, ending in an evening dance held in Mechanic’s Institute.

1901 The Waanyarra Charity Sports Day was a great success, with many turning out to compete in the multitudes of races. A supper and ball was held in the evening.

1902 The annual charity sports day was held at Waanyarra with takings greater than the previous year, 17 pounds taken on the gate alone.

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