28 December, 2013

December 28 End of Days in Dunolly! Plus a hospital ball

A destructive hailstorm swept through Dunolly and surrounding area to a mile and half wide, decimating tomato and fruit crops, smashing many windows in churches (St John’s large and small coloured windows smashed, Wesley church window above entrance was smashed, and small ones), schools, hospitals and private residences. Corrugated iron roofs were pierced as if by bullets. More than 750 panes of glass were smashed.


A swarm of bees attacked 9 horses Mr Catto of Rheola was using to cart wheat; the horses bolted smashing a telegraph pole and damaging the wagon while Mr Catto escaped with just bruises.


The annual Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held which resulted in a collection of 40 pounds that will go directly to the hospital.

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