01 January, 2014

January 1 New Years Day all over Dunolly & District in history

The hot weather and drought which has boon experienced in this district for some time past, has at length broken up. During this past few days the heat has been almost unbearable; registering as high as l00deg. In the shade ; but today very heavy rains fell, 146 points being registered in less than two hours. The atmosphere is still heavy and oppressive, with every appearance of a further downpour. Rain was badly wanted, but there can be no further complaints this season, as all the dams and creeks are running bank high.


The 38th New Years’ Day Charity Sports day at Tarnagulla to raise money for local charities; races included cycling, road race, hose-coupling competition, potato-sack race, seahorse race, Siamese race and other minor competitions.


The Powder Magazine at Dunolly was closed.


Dunolly County Court officially closed

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