04 January, 2014

January 4 Entertaining the pioneers

The local popularity of progressive Mayor Frost is sufficiently pronounced and manifested as to make him one of the most esteemed of citizens. It is acts such as that commented upon below that have gained him the hearty goodwill of all, and we have pleasure in reprinting an account of the mayor's annual Christmas trip, which appeared in the Dunolly Express.
"We believe Cr. Frost, mayor of Maryborough, is a very popular mayor, and certainly he appears to be an exceedingly popular citizen, apart altogether from his public office.
Of this there was evidence on Christmas Day, when one of the most pleasing events of the year as far a very important event of the residents of Maryborough is concerned, took pIace. This was a motor trip to Moliagul riven by Cr. Frost to the old pioneers of Maryborough. The trip was not given in Cr. Frost's official capacity, as, we under stand, for a number of years ,each Christmas he has treated the old pioneers to a similar experience, different destinations being chosen each year. It was Moliagul last Christmas Day, and the fine old men very heartily enjoyed the trip, and all that was provided for them.

Residents of Dunolly during the afternoon were attracted by the arrival of a number of motors, which pulled up at the dining rooms in Dunolly of Miss Thompson. A large company of veterans descended, some stalwart and strong still, others rather feeble, but all alert and joyous.
An excellent lunch was provided for the company by Miss Thompson to the order of Cr. Frost, and then the procession again started and speedily reached Moliagul, where some historic places were inspected. Abundant refreshments were supplied here , and, after a stay of some hours at the famous mining township, a return was made to Dunolly in the afternoon, where the contented visitors again called at Miss Thompson's and had refreshments and spent a jovial hour before resuming their journey.
The passer-by was struck with the groups of veterans gathered outside Miss Thompson's, and his attention was attracted by the sound of well sung choruses of bygone years coming from within, the parts being taken with harmony to pianoforte accompaniment. Asking a fine, stalwart, manly veteran what was taking place, the reply given in tones which spoke of appreciation and enthusiasm was,
"This is the treat of Cr. Frost, mayor of Maryborough, to the old pioneers. Every year Mr. Frost gives us a trip somewhere and treats us handsomely. He is a real white man is Cr. Frost."

Entering, the inquirer found the mayor of Maryborough seated in the midst of the group around the piano, himself apparently joining with spirit in the singing: Some young ladies were seated at and near the Instrument and taking part in the songs. Proudly the old gentleman alluded to introduced the local visitor to the mayor, and some conversation took place, in which several of the pioneers joined, all evidently anxious to show their sincere regard and affection for the mayor, and discourse on his fine qualities. Genially and modestly Cr. Frost referred him self to the annual custom, but those around eagerly supplemented his too modest remarks. We most sincerely congratulate Cr. Frost on his generous action, on his evident regard for the men who laid the foundations of prosperity in Maryborough, on the reciprocal regard of his numerous guests, and on the popularity which he so thoroughly deserves. Cheers were heartily given by spectators as the procession passed through Dunolly, enthusiastically returned by the happy company of pioneers."


jeanie said...

Don't you love the way this was written - such a great use of the English language!! (and yes, very dated with the "real white man" comment)

Jayne said...

Yep, lol, they really knew how to describe something :)