06 January, 2014

January 6 Unpleasant day all over the district

A bagatelle proprietor from Maryborough was returning from Dunolly when he was surrounded by 3 ruffians who were all armed; he was told to stand and deliver by one while another struck him with a heavy object cutting open his forehead. He spurred his horse and took off and escaped without further injury. Although shots were fired at him he was not hit.


 Incendiary at Swanwater with entire crops lost by elderly Mr Amor.


George Pelkington was arrested at Dunolly on a charge of committing a criminal assault on a widow named Cochran, who lives near the Dunolly railway station The accused was lodged in the Maryborough gaol last evening, pending the hearing of the case at Dunolly on Wednesday next.


DUNOLLY, SUNDAY. The Inglewood train last night, when near Llanelly, knocked down a woman named O’Keefe, over 60 years old, a resident of the district, throwing her a considerable distance. The train was pulled up and the woman was placed in the van, but died before reaching Dunolly. She was terribly injured, her jaw, arm, and leg being broken. She leaves a large family. The train was nearly an hour late in consequence of the accident.


The position of matron was advertised at Dunolly Hospital.

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