07 January, 2014

January 7 Pumpkin Beetles!!!!

100 pounds and free pardon to any accomplice was offered by the Chief Secretary’s office from the government for information as to the murders of Hugh McLean and Robert Dunlop who were found murdered between Dunolly and Jones Creek.

60oz nugget was found at Jones’ Creek only 14ft from the surface, sold to the London Chartered Bank.

It was reported that Pumpkin Beetles were doing a great deal of damage to the plants and flowers in and around Dunolly.

At the annual meeting of the Dunolly Progress Association Mr Strafford was reelected president, with the balance sheet showing receipts of 28 pounds.

Messers Williams and Kinsman who have been prospecting near Wild Duck halfway between Dunolly and Eddington, have struck payable gold.

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