08 January, 2014

January 8 Stuff and more stuff in Dunolly

Several cases of measles in adults and children have been reported but no deaths.


Mellon’s Wine Shop was found to be in flames, supposedly the work of an incendiary, but the fire was able to be doused before it spread to further buildings and the wine shop saved.


Mr Grant MLA and Mr Bell MLC waited upon the Minister for Agriculture on behalf of the Committee for the Dunolly Agricultural Show and asked that some of the Agriculture Societies Grant be given to them for their first show to be held this year – the reply being that if there was any money left over after it was apportioned out they would see if they could spare some for the Dunolly Show.


 Over 50 applications have been made for the old-age pension from persons in Dunolly but only 17 were sent.


A severe storm caused havoc at Dunolly and Bromley with many orchards and houses wrecked, a large number of roads and culverts damaged. Mr Willcox, licensee of the Junction Hotel at South Dunolly had the roof ripped from his double storey hotel with the ceilings, furniture, clothing, bedding and pictures destroyed by water. Stables, sheds, dairy and fruit trees at the rear were completely destroyed, many houses and businesses were unroofed with several chimneys blown down.

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