18 August, 2015

August 18 On This Day in Dunolly & District History

1882 A meeting was held in the Dunolly Town Hall to consider forming a Dunolly Fruit and Wine Growers Association and was attended by a large number of men who represent over 200 acres of vineyards in the district.

1932 Walter Rooney found a 2 oz nugget 2 miles north of Dunolly when washing dirt taken from the bottom of a recently sunk 5 ft shaft.

1934 The quarterly meeting of the 27th district council of the RSL was held at Dunolly with delegates visiting from Bendigo, Mitiamo, Loddon Valley, Kyneton, Castlemaine, Marong, Pyramid Hill, Maldon and Inglewood.

1980 A Melbourne builder found a 39oz gold nugget, believed to be worth about $40,000, at Dunolly on Saturday.
Mr Guntcr Lohmann said he had found a four-gram piece of gold but his metal detector had a faulty coil and he decided to return to his car for a replacement. "While cutting back through the bush my wife, Helen, suggested I switch it on, just in case", he said.
"You just wouldn't believe it. Within seconds we got a mighty blast and six inches below was the biggest and heaviest nugget I'd ever seen".

1980 About I50 people attended a meeting of the newly formed Prospectors and Miners Association on Saturday night at Dunolly. The association was formed at Castlemaine a fortnight ago to protest against recommendations in a land-conservation report on north central Victoria. Dr Kemsley, president of the association, said that if the proposed conservation recommendation became law more than 123,000 hectares of unreserved crown land would be closed to gold prospectors.
Both the Minister for Conservation, Mr Houghton, and the land conservation chairman, Mr Sam Dimmick, have said Dr Kemsley is wrong.

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