28 August, 2015

August 28 On This Day in Dunolly & District History

1857 A Duel was dealt between Edward Tayton and William Forest (storekeeper) at Jones Creek.

1868 A new rush is reported to' have taken place at Omeo, and also at a spot called Bealiba, near Dunolly, but the value of the discovery has yet to be determined, it is however, believed that good ground has in the last mentioned locality been found.

 1869 The first cycle in Dunolly was sighted in the Market Square, owned by Mr Anketell.

 1871 A series of popular readings is offered at the town hall, admission 6d children half price.

1904 Rev Watson, Presbyterian minister for 6 years in Dunolly, gave his farewell address to a crowded congregation At the Eddington church he was presented with a purse of sovereigns, at Bet Bet he received a travelling rug and silver mounted umbrella, at Dunolly he was given a purse of sovereigns and a silver mounted travelling bag was given to him from the Pleasant Evening Society which he had originated.

 1907 Alfred Smith, 16, was riding his bike to work when the handlebars broke and he was knocked unconscious when he was thrown from the bike, Mr Beasley found him, conveyed him to an hotel where his many lacerations were stitched before being moved to the Dunolly hospital.

 1920 Dunolly defeated Railways in the Maryborough district association premiership 6 goals 6 points to 3 goals 6 points.