17 February, 2016

Dunolly & District Field & Game Club Inc.

The annual general meeting was held on the 14 February 2016. 
All positions were declared vacant; Mr Brian Watts installed the new office bearers for 2016.
President - Gordon Chalmers
Vice President - Brian Rodwell
Secretary/ Public officer - Simon Taylor
Assistant secretary - No nomination (vacant)
Treasurer – Marg Davies
Membership officer – Lyle Streeter
Safety officer – Nigel Elston, Brian Rodwell
Target co-ordinators - (Filled) as per 2016 roster
Hunting and conservation officer – Kris Goodman, Matt Goodman
Communications officer – Simon Taylor
F & G Australia Delegates – anyone available to attend Nomination for:
A life membership was awarded to Danny O’Keeffe.
The first shoot for the year will be held on Sunday 28 February, 75 target off the gun, 11.00am start.
Sponsored by R & J Batteries.
Please note: Club meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 147 Broadway at 7.30pm.