21 February, 2016

February 21 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

1870 The Dunolly Mail coach was stuck up at Creswick. A light 2 horse vehicle it left Cobb’s office on Friday midnight driven by Johnny Lovelock with 3 passengers. It proceeded without incidence until 2 miles from Creswick when a man rushed from the scrub near Tait’s Store. He grabbed the horses bridle and ordered the driver to stop. A passenger hit out at the pistol in the would-be robbers hand and it exploded but did not hit anyone. Lovelock then whipped the horses onward to Anthony’s American Hotel at Creswick where the coaches usually stop, where Detective Berrill happened to be at the bar. Despite organising a search no sign was ever found of the robbers.

1892 A church parade was held on the Recreation Reserve by the Rangers and Mounted Rifles with a collection of 12 pounds gathered for infirm soldiers and sailors, with a special church service held in the Presbyterian church that evening with a large attendance.

1925 Violent windstorms did great amount of damage to orchards in the Bet Bet and Betley areas with many trees uprooted.

1937 The Acting Chief Secretary and Assistant Minister for Labour, Mr Tuckett, attended the Hospital Sunday celebrations at Dunolly.