16 August, 2016

August 16 ‪#‎OnThisDay‬ n ‪#‎Dunolly‬ & District ‪#‎History‬

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1873 An ironbark tree, 3 ft in diameter was cut down at Inkermann by a splitter and 9 ft length cut from the tree and in the centre of the log there was found a piece of quartz 3oz in weight, without the least sign of decay anywhere near the find in the timber.

 1882 Two footy teams of 15 players played a match at Goldsborough. Very wet conditions, Dunolly and Goldsborough each scored a goal, the match was declared a draw.

 1891 The Union Flour Mill, owned by Mr Joseph Hill, on North Broadway was completely destroyed by fire at 4am with only 200 bags of wheat ,  the engine house and contents being saved, the damage was estimated at 4,000 pounds which is only partly covered by insurance.

1902 The weather continues very dry with heavy frosts. There is no grass and the crops are very backward. Hay is worth £5, and straw £2 per ton, prices that have not previously been realised for years.

 1903 The home of Mr E Peters, proprietor of the Peters Soap works, was broken into by thieves while the family were at church, with several rooms thoroughly searched; £3 of money and some items of jewellery were taken.

 1908 Mr Castleman of Murphy’s Flat tripped and fell on his verandah fracturing 2 ribs.

 1945 The Dunolly Bowls Club was formed at meeting.