23 August, 2016

August 23 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

*Proof it really IS The Centre Of The Universe*

1861 The Mount Alexander Mail reported that Fraynes Reef at Old Dunolly had its first crushing some of which was crushed at Benyons and some at Hammonds at Sandy Creek, it yielded 200 pounds each to the shareholders.

1871 A lecture in the town hall on the late war was given by Rev Chambers of Tarnagulla.

1881 The Minister for Railways, Mr Bent and the Minister of Mines left Wedderburn for Inglewood at 3.30pm to inspect the rail lines while discussing the proposed Dunolly to Inglewood railway line.

1892 From Daniel Dooley, age 59 years, who was a patient at an Asylum, possibly Ararat, who says: I was brought by a policeman because I was silly, and I was in the habit of saying my prayers. I stayed a night out looking for a quartz reef. I value it at 100 pounds. I’ve been at Dunolly on an unemployment pass. I brought a tent. I saw a lot of larrikins there, and they burned my tent. When I came back I could not find the place. I met five men dressed like navvies (Irish workers). I spoke to them and they did not answer. I met more and I spoke and they said they were ghosts. I wanted to go into a house, but they said it was haunted. I then saw the Devil — like a steam engine. I then saw the B.V.M. (Blessed Virgin Mary) and I spoke to her and shook hands with her. She took a tree up to make shelter for me and sent J. C. (Jesus Christ) to obtain another for me. She lifted up the tree as easy as I can this chair. And there was music and ejaculations of the Hail Mary. I asked for money and she had a bird in her hand and placed it on a perch, and one of the men had a purse with him but that money I’ve not got yet. I told a priest and he told me to be off !

1916 A Red Cross concert and sale of goods was held at Bet Bet in the local school, entertainment by the Dunolly Quartette comprising of Mr and Mrs Stafford, Miss Stafford and Mr Walker with humorous recitals by Mr Johnson of Ballarat.

1938 Bealiba branch of the CWA celebrated it’s 4th birthday at the Dunolly Town Hall, the teaching of first aid to all members will be inaugurated.

1957 Adelaide Lead post office closed.