30 August, 2016

August 30 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

1861 Tenders required for supply of 16 horse steam engine and boiler, etc, according to plans and specifications prepared by Mr George Newman, engineer, at Cochranes Reef near Dunolly. Plans may be viewed at Mr Watson’s Town Hall Hotel.

1873 Dunolly Football Club - a scratch match was held on the Market Square on the afternoon of Saturday 30th August. Play commenced at 4.30 p.m. and as reported by the Express: An exciting and well contested game was played until six o’clock, with neither side being successful in obtaining a goal, the match was declared a draw.

1888 An English syndicate has dispatched an export to Victoria to report on the Queen's Birthday and other mines in the Dunolly district prior to purchasing them.

1899 A buggy accident occurred this evening at Cochrane’s Creek. Mrs Connell, Miss Williams (head teacher of the State school), and Mr Connell, jun., were out driving, when the winkers became detached from the horse’s head, causing it to bolt. Mr Connell was thrown out and received injuries to the head and wrist. Miss Williams, in attempting to get out of the buggy, was caught and dragged a considerable distance, receiving severe injury, necessitating the insertion of several stitches into her chin; she was brought to Dunolly, and is now under the care or Dr Cookson, suffering severely from shock. Strange to say Mrs Connell was the only one who escaped unhurt; she remained in the buggy whilst the horse bolted for two miles along a bush road, eventually pulling up safe and sound at the gate of Mrs Connell's residence.

1914 Gordon Gardens was host to large gathering under the banner of PLC to aid the patriotic funds. Mayor Couchman occupied the chair, music selections supplied by Maryborough Brass Band, a collection of 12 pounds was made towards the funds.

1919 The Tarnagulla handicapped trots held at Tarnagulla.

1933 The Annual Ball held to raise funds for the Dunolly Hospital was a great success with about 250 people having a ball.

1936 Fire broke out in a tent behind Mr Rasellis boot shop in Broadway, the occupant passing away from his injuries the next day.

1956 A poll ended in tie
BEALIBA, Wednesday: For the first time in the history of Bet Bet Shire, the president's casting vote has had to be given to decide who would represent rate-payers for Dunolly riding.
Mr. Calder and Cr.Freemantle on distribution of second preferences, each polled 333.
Cr. Mason then used his casting vote, giving preference to Cr. Freemantle, the retiring candidate.
Cr. Brownbill was nominated president-elect.

1993 Natte Yallock post office closed