07 September, 2016

Laanecoorie Gold Bash 7th, 8th & 9th October 2016

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The Laanecoorie Gold Bash is a not for profit fundraising event hosted by a small group of ‘prospecting’ volunteers (that formed a committee), with Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation being the official beneficiary.

In 2016 the event is being held during the weekend of 7th- 9th October at the Laanecoorie Lakeside Caravan Park, in Victoria. There is a range of activities being held during this weekend and a program will be available in due time.

The event committee wishes to thank all our sponsors for their much appreciated donation(s) towards this event and would like to acknowledge that the Bash could not continue without their support.

To donate or support this activity please contact Bill, Olly or Lynnie on the below numbers:

Bill Schulz- 0419 008 548 or 03 5460 5417
Lynnie Hindle- 0408 314 665


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