19 September, 2016

September 19 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

1864 'Salting' Again. — Two men who gave the names of Thomas Cooper and Thomas Clarke, have been trying to sell shares in a new reef which they pretended to have discovered about a mile north-east of the Belgian Reef. They went first to a digger at Old Dunolly, he, however, having heard of the recent"salting" cases declined to have anything to do with the matter. They then went to Messrs Pike of the Belgian Reef, who accompanied them to the locale of the supposed find. Plenty of gold could be seen in the stone that cropped out from the surface, but on breaking that from under the layer,not a speck was visible. An arrangement was then made between the parties that ten tons should betaken out and crushed ; if it went 15 dwt to the ton the price to be paid for half the claim was £30, if half an ounce per ton, £20. The Messrs Pike steadily refused to advance a single shilling on the bargain until the reef had been tested. Although the parties gave the names of Cooper and Clarke,there is every reason to believe that they are the identical father and son, who played similar tricks at Tarnagulla and Castlemaine, one of them being an old man and the other a young one. It seems a pity that they are permitted to attempt swindles with impunity. They are evidently no mean hands at their calling.

1873 The Dunolly Express reported that there was a malady in the horses in the St Arnaud district, where they are seized with gripping pains and inflammation, requiring instant medical attention.

1884 Great interest was felt in Dunolly in the company formed for the preserving and canning of fruit with a large number of shares having been applied for.

1884 The Eddington Cheese and Butter Factory Company (limited), will celebrate the opening of their factory by a grand ball and supper in their new building on the 29th instant., which I imagine will be largely patronised.

1884 At a meeting of the Dunolly District Agricultural Society, it was decided to hold their next show in March.

1884 A company has been formed to start a flour mill at Bealiba, and a prospectus will shortly be issued.

1884 The Borough Council intend to float a £1,500 loan, at an early date.

The weather is warm.

1889 The Dunolly branch of the Amalgamated Miners Association raised 41 pounds, 6/ 6d to aid the London Dock Labourers Strike Fund.

1954 The Argus Penny Wise hint from Mrs McLoughlin of Broadway, Dunolly – when fireside brushes wear at the end away from the handle, saw the handle off and reattach to the worn end.

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