23 September, 2016

September 23 On This Day in Dunolly & District History

1856 This place is still adding to its numbers in place of standing still, but while this is the case, during the course of last week numerous parties have broken up and left, not finding the prospect of'deep-sinking to suit their finances. On the whole, however, there has been two arrivals for one departure, and though there are many shicers, my individual experience cannnot name any other place than Bendigo where the blanks have been so few.Not a few have got nuggets, which will secure them for the time to come, unless, as has been frequently the case, what has been got with such comparative ease is allowed' to slip through their fingers with a sang froid only generally ascribed to Frenchmen and the seafaring community.In a previous letter I gave a hint to those in authority who might have aided the cause of religion and morality by obtaining the services of gospel preachers, and thus promoted virtuous conduct infinitely more than by speechifying at political meetings or quarrelling on - the subject of State Aid to Religion, about which such a difference of opinion exists — though there is none that the example of a few worthy clergymen would have the most beneficial results.We live in a land of anomalies. Hundreds of letters were dispatched from this place on Sunday,to overtake the mail leaving on the 25th instant,but surely it would not he unworthy the notice of the Executive Government to lay down a general rule that when the population of any place on the gold-fields remained for a stated time at a given number, not under 10,000, the settlers might have a right to obtain a post-office establishment, or at least a sub-office, for their accommodation — no greater boon could be conferred. In like manner, though it may be desirable to have an escort for the secure conveyance of the precious metal, it may he well doubted if its present route by way of the Avoca is not absurd, seeing that a recent escort conveyed only 1 1/2 oz., bringing 3s. 9d. of revenue, while the two branches of the banks here are sending down to Maryborough weekly sum that would pay a duty of £1000.A man of the name of Holmes was detected last week breaking into a store here, and seized.Some of the witnesses were examined by the magistrate on Monday, and had to attend at the sessions at Carisbrook 0n Tuesday, where, however, the man got off owing to the evidence being incomplete. I mention the occurrence to show that though in some departments there may be great tardiness, it does not pervade the whole. I shall in my next endeavour to give you a fair approximation to the truth of the widely different calculations as to the numbers congregated here and the future prospects of these diggings, which to those who can afford to bide their time the general impression is decidedly favorable, hut so many thousands have come with the hope that they were to acquire the yellow stuff without the usual toil and labour, that thousands of them will doubtless have to lull back on their previous avocations in the old places, discontented at their want of luck here.

 1889 The Dunolly train left the tracks as it passed the Inglewood train at the Arnold-bridge station.

 1908 Eddington races were held on the Recreation Reserve.

 1919 Honor tablets are being awarded to the Borough of Dunolly and the Borough of Inglewood. .The first-mentioned will also receive the first Australian coat of arms in bronze 'to surmount the tablet, " being the first to secure double its quota.

 1934 Cycling road race from Dunolly to Moliagul and back to Dunolly 18 miles placings 1st G.Davies, 2 P. Raven, 3 E.Thomas. 
Time 53.33 won by two lengths.

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