04 September, 2016

September 4 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

1898 A day of constant heavy rain resulted in 154 points (39 mm) of rain, with further storms threatening.

1903 At 8.45pm an earthquake was felt at Dunolly with crockery shaken and the men in the mines feeling it, too. A violent storm followed, flattening trees and unroofing houses but no one hurt. *Yea felt another earthquake the following morning.

1911 More requests for increased train services between Dunolly and Inglewood as 4 trains per week is insufficient given the amount of developments in the district in recent years. Promises to increase the services to 6 trains per week at beginning of October.

Mr. and Mrs. P P Renshaw—nee' Taylor-—of Broadway, Dunolly, -announced this week the 45th anniversary of their wedding, which was celebrated at Echuca Methodist Church by Rev G A Judkins on September 1,1909.

2010 Dunolly was cut off from all access when flood waters covered the roads.