07 September, 2016

September 7 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

1856 The Primitive Methodist Chapel opened on the site now occupied by Uniting Church.

1868 Michael and Mary Hughes owners of ‘Hughes Store’, Dunolly lost everything when the store was burnt down.

1872 The first sod for the Dunolly-Castlemaine Railway was dug by Mr Gillies Minister for Railways at Castlemaine.

1882 Mr Levey met with the members of the Dunolly Vine and Fruit Growers Association to which he explained the particulars of the Amsterdam Exhibition.

1886 A blind lad from Dunolly, Robert Hancock, was admitted to the Victorian Asylum and School for the Blind on the recommendation of James Bell MLC.

1921 At the police court at Dunolly a chap from Mildura named Lewis was charged with travelling in a first class carriage of the train from Melbourne on a second class ticket, fined 2 pounds.

1921 Mrs Murphy of Bromley gave herself a nasty mischief when the axe she was using slipped and cut her left ankle.

1923 - Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson, (born in Dunolly) assumed office as Premier of Victoria for a second term.

1924 - Harry Sutherland Wightman Lawson, (still born in Dunolly) assumed office as Premier of Victoria for a third term.

1938 A Queen Carnival organised to raise funds to wipe out the 500 pound overdraft of the Dunolly and District Hospital finished with the grand total of 934 pounds 2 shillings and 7 pence raised.
The Town Hall was packed and Miss Margaret Taig of Tarnagulla was crowned as queen.