09 September, 2016

September 9 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

1861 Havelock Post office (1) closed after a record breaking 8 days.

1861 It was declared by Executive Council that the streets, their width, names, breadth and foot ways of Dunolly were made by Order, according to the Act.

1881 A Govt appointed board looking into the storage of explosives on the goldfields has just returned from Dunolly where large quantities of explosives are to be found stored on private property involving much danger to the public. Magazines for storage are urgently needed.

1885 Splendid rain fallen today to benefit crops looking sickly, recent late frosts damaged much of the fruit blossoms on trees.

1929 A rush to Rheola to prospect for gold was reported although mining officials stated alluvial gold had proved patchy in the area in the past.

1936 The Dunolly and District Hospital Ball was held with great success, visitors came from Maryborough, Moliagul, Eddington and Tarnagulla.

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