13 April, 2017

April 12 & 13 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly & District #History

12 1857 Complimentary dinner held for Dr Owens at the Bendigo Hotel.
13 1875 Louisa Renzelman and Ah Kat were brought up again on charges of murder and remanded for 8 days.
13 1876 A most extraordinary discovery has been made in a Victorian mine. The Maryborough arid Dunolly Advertiser' states that in cleaning out a boiler at the Junction mine, Timor, with water pumped from the mine, the men were astonished to find two shrimps in the boiler. They were of good size, and a casual glance showed that they were like ordinary shrimps. After this, other shrimps were found in the water pumped to the surface, and at- last the men determined to satisfy themselves that the^ shrimps really came from the bowels of the earth. A fishing expedition was organised, and the men, having improvised a net, proceeded to the bottom of the shaft, 300 ft. from the surface, and in a short time succeeded in catching a number of the fish. They appear to have no eyes, and will .not live at the surface, although quite lively at the bottom of the mine.
13 1885 Heavy rain with more than 1.5 inches falling in 80 mins.
13 1940 A farewell tea was given to Rev and Mrs Walsh at the Methodist Sunday school hall with members from other churches in Dunolly as well as other churches on the Methodist circuit.
13 1951 The Dunolly blacksmith’s shop and business, established by Mr Wall, was offered for auction.

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