14 April, 2017

April 14

1857 Joe Kitchen fought Bill Melody (and won) at Grassy Flat near the White Swan Hotel for prize money of 450 pounds.
Kitchen won after 40 mins,  while temporary seating collapsed throwing diggers, toffs and tarts into a heap.

 1866 William Caldwell Hill farmer and politician, was born on 14 April 1866 at Burnt Creek, near Dunolly, Victoria, son of English parents John Hill and his wife Sarah, née Baker. When the Dunolly flour-mill, established by John Hill and his elder brother Joseph, was burnt down the Hills moved to pioneer a forest selection at Stradbroke, Gippsland, where William attended part-time school. At 21 he joined the clerical division of the Victorian Railways. His mother, who could not read or write, had impressed the value of education upon her family and while serving as stationmaster at Elphinstone he walked four miles to Castlemaine three times a week to attend evening classes.

 1869 A 30oz nugget found at German Gully.

 1885 The Dunolly Fruit and Wine Company is contemplating buying all the wine in the district, blending it and exporting it to the best market. A trial shipment has already been made.

DUNOLLY, Thursday,
This morning the body of Harmon Lester, a digger from Jones's Creek, near Dunolly, was found in the storm channel reservoir. He had been a paying patient in the local hospital for a month past, and was suffering from asthma. He was 75 years old, and a native of Dover, England. He was missed from the hospital late last night. An inquest was held this afternoon and verdict of found drowned returned. Tied up in a parcel near the head of his bed in the hospital was found a purse containing 15 and a deposit receipt for 1585 16s. Lester had made will leaving his property to a sister and niece in England. The body was found in about 9inches of water, face downwards.

 1908 Stock being hand fed due to lack of rain at Dunolly.

 1934 William Baker and his prospecting partner Matthews found a 72oz gold nugget on Barnes Flat near the old Waanyarra Cemetery.

 1936 The Premier, Mr Dunstan, was at the Bealiba Charity Carnival where he was entertained by leading residents and members of the Dunolly Hospital committee.

 1937 Sister V Johnson was appointed to the staff of the Dunolly Hospital, Receipts of the annual charity carnival held at Rheola to aid the Dunolly and Inglewood Hospitals amounted to 245 pounds/19/11.

 1949 The Back to Dunolly celebrations began with a welcome to all former Dunolly residents at the Railway Station on the arrival of all trains.

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