15 April, 2017

April 15

1891 A deputation from Tarnagulla and Maryborough presented a time table of train services they wished to see run on the Dunolly line to the Railway Commissioners, who replied that 2 services per day was sufficient to meet the demand from both Inglewood and Maryborough ends, as the previous 3 daily services had worked out to be a measly 2 pound 10 shilling per 50 miles.

 1891 To-day a visit of inspection was paid to the Dunolly Perfume Farm by Messrs. J. J. Shilling-law and H. de Castella, accompanied by the members of the local committee of management and Mr. W.F. Tatchell,M.L.A. The public were invited to make up a general picnic, but owing to the continuous downpour of rain, only few availed themselves of the invitation. The visitors expressed themselves highly delighted with what they saw, and were surprised with the progress made. The several varieties of plants were inspected, all of which were remark-ably healthy and well established. Mr. Mellon, the director, had the still in operation, andexplained the process by which the essential oils were obtained. He produced several samples of essences, the product of the farm, which has scarcely been established nine months. At luncheon the usual toasts were honoured. It was decided that a similar invitation should be given to the public to make another visit about October next, when the farm will be seen to greater advantage. The party returned home just before dark.

 1895 The Stawell Gift was won by W.E. Joy of Dunolly, Victoria, in 12 1/4 seconds.

 1907 A large number of ladies and gentlemen were in the council chambers for a valedictory meeting to farewell Mr William Whittaker who left for Dimboola, the mayor, Councillor Morris, presented him with a pair of gold sleeve links, Councillor Samers, on behalf of the band which Mr Whittaker was the leader, presented him with a gold medal suitably inscribed, songs were given, refreshments handed around and then dancing was indulged in.

 1949 Good Friday during the Back to Dunolly celebrations special church services were held at 11am. At 2.30pm there was the unveiling of the Honour Roll in the Memorial Gardens in Thompson St. 3.30pm. A band recital in the Gordon Gardens. 8pm Sacred concert in the Shire Hall.

 1968 The stone cairn outside the Dunolly Museum was unveiled by Marcia Ferrier from the RHSV.

 1997 Mr Knowles decided not to close Dunolly's 13-bed hospital after Dunolly residents fought the closure. In five years, the Government has closed 12 country hospitals.

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