18 April, 2017

April 18

1870 Mr. Mudge arranged a picnic for his pupils at the Recreation Reserve. Mr. Boan of the ’White Swan Hotel’ and Mr Burns, the Jones ‘Creek Post Master, collected for the picnic.
The picnic, which was attended by 50 people, was held on this day. Buns, apples, grapes, lollies, plum cake and tea were given out. Visitors enjoyed sandwiches of beef tongue and fowl.
There were swings, and cricket was played. Prizes for the boys’ flat and hurdle race were ’money and two pretty pocket inkstands’, which were presented by Mr. Boan. ‘Money and two pretty brooches’ were the prizes for the girls’ races. The day ended with ‘dancing on the green to violin music provided by Mr. Green of Tarnagulla’.

 1902 Great inconvenience at Dunolly Court today when Judge Molesworth was at Kerang and did not arrive until 4pm instead of 10 am, with witnesses and court cases losing nearly a whole day.

 1939 Former manager of Bank of Victoria Mr Williamson and his wife are leaving the district to live in Gardenvale.

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