25 April, 2017

April 25

1895 Recent rains have given a good supply of water but not enough to allow the farmers to begin ploughing.

 1903 At Rathscar and the Black Ranges yesterday the downpour was particularly heavy, 3 inches falling in less than two hours. Low lying lands were flooded, and considerable damage was done to crops and fences. The approximate losses are as follows: — Messrs. John Wiseman, £150; James Wiseman, £00; Cornthwaite, mile fencingwashed away; Lambert Ashman, £100: Swaby, a large area of ploughed land and crop completely bared of soil.

 1904 H. Barker at Middle-bridge was injured with a fractured skull from falling off his horse as he raced it and it stumbled on the road.

 1905 At Dunolly: this morning Alexander Gunn, while riding a horse along a road was thrown heavily on to his head, and was dragged about 20 ft. .When he was picked up it was seen that he was seriously hurt, and his removal to the hospital was ordered, but on arriving there life was extinct. Deceased, was a single man, about 31 years of age.

1931 On the soldier’s memorial plot near the Dunolly Railway Station the new granite pillar, erected by the Dunolly Progress Association, was unveiled by Councillor Parker.

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