26 April, 2017

April 26

1895 The Minister for Agriculture, the Dept. Secretary and the Govt Sericultural expert arrived in Dunolly to inspect the Perfume/Scent Farm with a view to growing mulberry trees to promote the development of sericulture (silk farming). Horses were left standing in the buggy and they bolted, leaving the ministerial party to return to Dunolly in an old wagon with a plough horse.

 1903 AN "AMERICAN SALESMAN." DUNOLLY, Sunday. An entertainment given by Mr Newton styling himself "the American Salesman" in the Town Hall last night, will not soon be forgotten in Dunolly, After some singing and reciting, Newton began by selling £1 notes for 15/-, half sovereigns for 7/6, half-crowns for 2/- and shillings for Id. Knives, watches and chains were then offered. Knives, said by Newton to be worth 3/-, were offered for £1, and were eagerly purchased. A watch and chain, worth only a few shillings, were sold for £5. The butt, of a cigar bought £1, and so did the ash of the salesman's cigarette. The purchasers were asked if they were satisfied with their bargains, and he received answers in the affirmative, their confiding trust in Newton being simply astounding. Altogether the "entertainer" must have benefited to the extent of about £25. Newton received £1 for the privilege of looking at him; then £1 for No. 1 assistant, and the same "investor" gave12/6 for-the privilege of gazing at assistant No. 2. At midnight many of the audience wore loth to leave, some no doubt hoping against hope for; the return of their cash.

 1907 An Indian recently arrived from Mildura, Charlie Gobutton Singh, was thrown from his cycle when the handles became loose near the Dunolly Hospital and he received severe injuries to the left side of his face needing 34 stitches.

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