28 April, 2017

April 28

1865 Mr E Langton was here last night and his lecture was well attended despite the wet weather.

1882 One of the boilers at the Tarnagulla Flour Mill (owned by Messrs Comrie and Co), in Dunolly, burst killing one man and seriously injuring another two.

 1883 Reported that the farmers are at a standstill for want of rain.

 1886 Easter Fair Sports held in Sandhurst, with E.Virtue of Dunolly winning 12 pounds in the professional bicycle race.

 1896 The Middle Bridge Cricket Club Picnic was held at Hole’s paddock with 100 visitors taking part in the many picnic games played. Tea was enjoyed at 5pm, then further games were played until 8pm. Catering by Mr Davenport’s Bakery Dunolly. 
Cricket match played between Waanyarra 110 and Middle Bridge 117.

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