10 May, 2017

May 10

1859 George Cook, George Page, Francis Quinlan, Charles Dicker and James Craig to be trustees of the ground set aside for the site of a general hospital.

 1893 Good rains have fallen, farmers sowing crops; grass is looking splendid with a good season expected.

 1893 Business was almost paralysed in Dunolly as both banks were suspended/closed pending reconstruction, very few withdrawals from local branches with only a few new deposits, the Bet Bet Shire and Dunolly Ladies Benevolent Society accounts were kept at the Bank of Victoria, which is now suspended from trading.

1939 One of the 198 iron lung respirator units given to the commonwealth by Viscount Nuffield was allotted to Dunolly Hospital.

 1940 Dr Crick resigned as medical superintendent of Dunolly Hospital as he accepted a position with the Air Force. His replacement is Dr Jenkins former resident medical officer of Launceston Hospital.

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