13 May, 2017

May 13

1857 THE GOLD FIELDS. (From our own Correspondent.). Dunolly, May 13, 1857. DUNOLLY. On Saturday last, a public meeting was held in this town for the purpose of ex- pressing sympathy with the late govern- ment for being so unceremoniously and " unconstitutionally thrust out of office." The chairman was a man but little known in the place, and appeared on the platform in his shirt sleeves (!) Several gentlemen addressed the meeting ; but contrary to expectation, an opposition movement was got up, which completely carried the sway, and on the third resolution being put (one which declared that the meeting had no confidence in the present ministry,) an amendment was proposed, confining that censure to J. L. F. Foster and Mr. Greeves. The amendment was carried, much to the chagrin of the original concoctors of the meeting. Three cheers were given for the present administration, and three cheers for Mr. O'Shanassy ; three groans were afterwards given for Mr. Foster.

At the Local Court meeting, on Saturday, a singular occurrence took place. A memorial was brought forward by the sub- committee and passed by the court, with a request that the chairman sign the same on behalf of the court ; in face of this, Mr. Fenwick, the chairman, declared that, as Warder of the district, and government officer, he could not obey their commands. Why ? because it found fault with himself in not having furnished, although requested, the court, with some particular returns.

In mining matters, Dunolly is again showing some signs of improvement. A very heavy rush took place on Friday last, to a portion of the dry lead, near the Hard Hill, between the camp and Old Dunolly. Some five hundred holes are in the course of being put down, and as many more are marked out, shepherded. The Wet Lead has been highly remunerative too, and many a good ounce has changed its position lately. The prospector's at the new rush hole has yielded an average of five to six dwts. to the tub of 4 buckets. A fatal accident occurred on Monday last at the shallow sinking, about half a mile from here ; two men were working in one of the holes, taking out a drillan, when suddenly the whole caved in on them. One of them was instantly killed, but the other, who happened to be in the shaft, escaped with but few injuries, although jammed in by the stuff. An inquest was held on the body, when a verdict of "accidental death" was returned. Near Old Dunolly, a man was killed the other night, while out possum hunting. He had ascended a tree in pursuit of the animal, when one of the branches broke, and he fell to the ground, receiving such injuries that he died shortly after.

INKERMANN. The people are leaving here by hundreds, some to one place and some to another, the Major Part, I believe, bound for MacIntyre's. This place is now becoming a very dangerous haunt for vagabonds and rogues of all descriptions ; so much so that it is actually dangerous to leave one's tent for any time. Still, however, a good quantity of gold comes from this field.

BURNT CREEK. There is a very steady population on Burnt Creek just now ; the Exodus seems to have been principally confined to those roving characters who infest every diggings. I heard 'tother day that some fine nuggets had been obtained in one of the back gullies, but cannot ascertain if true or not. 

MACINTYRES. I mentioned in my last the fact of a person named M'Evoy (not Macaboy) having obtained a specimen weighing 187 lbs. on Monday week—well, the same party, have since taken out of the same claim, more nuggets to the tune of 907 lbs., nearly all fine gold. There is no great rush there, as the thing is not generally known. The lucky finder kept the matter quite "' dark" till he had it safely lodged in the gold office, Dunolly. His "pile " is made. Since it became known, however, tents and stores have been put up like one o'clock.

JORDAN'S. The diggings here are again getting into favor, and numbers are flocking there. On Sunday morning last, a barefaced rob- bery was perpetrated at a, Mr. Molywell's store, the thieves going up to a laden dray during the night, and after threatening to blow the carter's brains out, robbed the dray of a quantity of flour, sugar, &c. When the alarm was given, a pursuit was commenced, and in a very short time, seven of the robbers were taken into cus- tody, and chained to a tree all night. Prices are beginning to rise gradually. Gold remains the same, £3 17s.

 1875 The resident surgeon, Dr J.J Wolfenden was given a banquet at Tatchell’s Bendigo Hotel on his leaving for England on 12 months leave, he was presented with a silver-mounted claret jug, silver goblets, a gold locket and a diamond ring.

 1884 The Civil Service commissioners paid Dunolly a visit on the 23rd inst., when they will inspect the local Government offices.

A concert in aid of the Ladies' Benevolent Society takes place in the Town Hall on Wednesday evening. A capital programme is out, which ought to draw a big house. A large number of tickets have already been disposed of.

 1887 A banquet was held at the Dunolly town hall on the occasion of presenting the Hon J Bell with a massive silver service of 12 pieces presented to him by the Mayor Mr Ritchie, the hall was filled with a representative crowd of local and State Govt officials.

 1925 Maurie Beasey was elected captain of the Carlton football team but as he only travels to Melbourne each Friday from Dunolly he could not do himself or the club justice so resigned after 2 rounds for another to be elected in his place.

 2015 It was reported that some in the criminal fraternity believed hitman Christopher Dale Flannery had been killed and buried in the Dunolly area.

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