17 May, 2017

May 17

1900 The customs and excise dept were investigating if salicylic acid was added to wines with samples taken from vineyards in the region of Maryborough, Mt Hooghly, Middle-bridge and Bet Bet.

 1915 It was quite a novelty to see the bright uniforms of Dunolly players on the Maryborough oval once more, but the interest that would probably have attached to the game under favourable circumstances was dissipated by the wet ground and the fact that the visitors had only 15 men. These put up a game struggle, and were only beaten near the close, but the match does not call for much description. Starting off with a fairly strong breeze in their favour, the visitors did all the early attacking. Hughes (a smart player new to the local ground) and M. Beasy (a fine mark) each got points, and then Hughes added a goal with a long drop-kick. The opening Railways goal was well judged by Mearns after pretty passing by H. Ross and M'Donald. After that the Dunolly fellows ran up several singles, Hughes leading every attack, and Kerr doing the bulk of the defensive work. At the first change they stood : Dunolly-1 goal 6 behinds. Railways--1 goal 1 behind. With the wind to aid them Rail ways took the offensive early in the second term, and Garret smartly snapped second goal. George Lee had a decent chance a little later, but his kick was not true. Several other points followed that one, but there was no more goal-kicking for the term. Most of the Railways attacking was done by M’Donald, who marked and otherwise handled the greasy ball very well. Just on the bell an unusual incident occurred, M'Allester being penalised for charging. The half-time scores were : Railways-2 goals 6 behinds. Dunolly--1 goal 7 behinds. The lead Railways had then gained was lost immediately on resumption when the veteran W. Game (who leads Dunolly) kicked a goal from an easy free shot. Brock and H. Ross soon had the scores level, and Railways went ahead again with a goal kicked by Andrews. This left the scores at the last chabange : Railways-3 goals 7 behinds. Dunolly-2 goals 8 behinds. Most of the final bout was, by reason of the late start, played in partial darkness. Each side added points, and then the game stopped through Hughes and J. Ross indulging in an argument. When this was quelled Railways ran on two goals. Linton got one with a very lucky snap at a sharp angle, and Dawson pot-shot the other. The final scores were :- Railways-5 goals it behinds (.i1 points.) Dunolly-.-2 goals 9 behinds (27 points.) Franks was a fairly good central umpire, though some of his decisions were puzzling.

 May 1951 Motor Cycle Matters: FOR THE CLUBMEN This is not a plug for the Harley Club; but why don't other clubs follow the example of that club and become ambassadors for motor cycling! . 
The reason for this outburst ? 
Well, about 70 Harley Club men are off , to Dunolly this week end to run a sports meeting in aid of the ' local progress association's fund for a swimming pool. There are many good causes in faraway places that, other clubs could support and, at the same time, have a good outing and spread the good work of clubmanship ! 
Some clubs need an Infusion of life and Interest. Bendigo, Stawell and Castlemaine were invited to this meeting but only a few Castlemaine members are going along. 
Why form clubs ? 
The Harley Club is to stage special races on the racecourse for dirt track machines, and a match race between Geo. Skinner and Frank Sinclair on the "chairs." A truck leaves from Percy Quincey's, at 1.30 p.m.. on Saturday, and the club football team will practice at Dunolly on Sunday morning — that's a sign of enthusiasm. 

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