18 May, 2017

May 18

1841 Jenkins, Martin, Remington, Collin and Morrison were apprehended for the shooting of Munangabum ,who was wounded while his companion Gondiurmin , died at 14 Mile Creek Station (or Far Creek later Glenmona station) on Bet Bet Creek, west of Maryborough, they were tried on 18 May 1841, and acquitted for want of evidence.

 1857 A fire broke out in the new Live and Let Live hotel at 4.30am which caught Dr Crossland’s shop next door which in turn burnt Cameron and McCallum’s drapery, the crowd of people managed to empty Ehrenberg’s fancy goods store and tear the walls down to prevent further spread of the fire which was not doused til after 8am.

 1894 1st Meeting of the Dunolly literary and debating society.

 1895 HOW TO BOOM THE WINE TRADE. TO THE EDITOR. Sir,—-" Australian Native," writing to the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser in advocacy of the wine industry, how to popularise wine, and how to create a demand for it, says "^The best .way to accomplish this end will be by opening as many wine shops as possible, where there will be every inducement held out for our young people, male -and female, to meet; together of an evening or during any other hours set apart for recreation,-and where they may discuss, over a bottle of colonial wine, any subject from a church soiree to an income tax or a prize fight. A step in this direction has been taken in our town (thanks to the resident magistrate), and it must be as gratifying to that gentleman and all other well-wishers of the industry, as' it is annoying to the teetotallers, to see the numbers of boys who nightly congregate to do honour to Tom and Jerry' over a game of euchre, or sip 'hot spiced wine' at the" Freemasons' Tavern, whilst discussing the recent surprise party scandal. It is more of such places as these that we want if winemaking is to become profitable to the grower." This, no doubt, if unfortunately the industry here should get in full swing, will be the kind of advocacy resorted-to by the commercially interested in wine production. We now have publicans, so your police report tells us, who, in spite of entreaties by relatives not to sell to drunkards,'continue to do so until prohibited by law. That the new iniquity would use less, reprehensible methods is unlikely if wine is flat and money is tight.—-I am, &c,

Dunedin, May 16. Wide Awake.

 1896 -Matthew Campbell Lecky, excise officer, summoned Bridget Barber, of the Golden Valley Hotel, Bet Bet, for applying a false description to liquor (whisky) exposed for sale. She was lined £1 with £4 0s. 8d. costs. 
Catherine Johannsen, of the Farmers Arms Hotel, Eddington, was charged with a similar offence. The chairman said that the tests by Mr. Fremersdoriff were much more elaborate than those by Mr. Smith, the Customs expert, and dismissed the case, with costs, £5 5s., against complainant.-

 1910 A member of the Dunolly Hospital committee, accompanied by Mr McBride MLA interviewed the State Treasurer complaining that the hospital had not received as large a grant as had been expected; the treasurer Mr Watt pointed out that the ministry did not approve of chronic cases being kept at hospital instead of being sent to benevolent asylums. He said that the grant to Dunolly Hospital had been cut down when it was found that the hospital had not observed this part of the ministerial policy.

 1911 This morning William Church, an old resident, came into Dunolly to draw his pension, and when near the Bank of Victoria he suddenly collapsed, and died within a few minutes. He was 80 years of age.

 1914 DUNOLLY. WEATHER AND CROPS During the week several nice showers of rain have fallen, 48 points being registered. The early crops are looking well, and grass is coming on splendidly.

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