02 May, 2017

May 2

1857 Dunolly Township. — The main street, which for such a length of time has remained unmade, has at last been commenced. A good few are engaged in breaking and obtaining the stone requisite for metalling, and in carting timber, &c. The Government Valuator has during the week completed the valuations of the substantial buildings erected by our enterprising business people. Great complaints are made that the valuator did not allow enough on good buildings, in most instances not as much as the cost.

1886 Mr Falder lost all of his belongings when his house burnt to the ground at Murphy’s flat.

1936 The annual wood bee for the Dunolly Hospital saw 125 tons cut and carted, Mr Trainor on behalf of the forestry workers presented Mr Heskin, retiring forest officer of Dunolly, with a clock.

At the public farewell Councillor Belcher spoke of Mrs Heskins work in both the hospital and the churches, presented Mr Heskin with a packet of notes and Mrs Heskin was presented with a silver sandwich serving tray from members of St Marys Church.

1939 Dr Crick bought the practice at Dunolly from Dr Bowden, Dr Crick appointed resident surgeon of Dunolly Hospital.

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