21 May, 2017

May 21

1858 Dunolly declared a Borough.

1884 Shire engineer of the Dunolly & Bet Bet Shire Councils, Mr Butler, made the discovery of a ten pound note in the lining of an old arm chair in the Shire Hall.
The ten pound note had been a deposit and nomination for auditor to the shire 9 years previously and the shire secretary, since deceased, had felt badly about misplacing the note from Mr Yates but his good name is now cleared with this find.

1908 The 50th anniversary of proclamation of Dunolly as a borough was celebrated with sports, children entertained today instead of on Empire Day, speeches and concerts were given at the town hall for the old identities from the hospital.


' DUNOLLLY , Thursday.

' The jubilee celebrations of the borough of Dunolly were held to-day.- -About 500 children marched in procession, headed by a brass band and the cadets, to the recreation reserve, where the national anthem was sung and addresses were delivered by the mayor- (Cr. Nolan),- Cr. Parker and Mr. Morris. Refreshments were then given to the children, and a sports programme was carried out. 'At the hospital the band played selections, and addresses were delivered 'by the same 'speakers. The visitors then went through the various wards offering words of cheer to the patients. The mayor made presents of -tobacco and tea-to the inmates.A free concert was given in the town hall in the evening, and the building was crowded.

 1914 William Garrigan, who resided at Newbridge, was out shooting rabbits with a muzzle loading gun – it misfired twice then exploded on the 3rd fire, injuring William’s hand. After walking 2 miles he secured assistance and was driven to Dunolly and District Hospital where he received every attention.

1917 THROWN FROM GIG. DUNOLLY,Monday. Mrs Smith, wife of Mr P. Smith, Old Lead, was driving into the town in a gig when the wheel struck a stone and threw her out, She sustained a compound fracture of the right arm near the wrist.

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