24 May, 2017

May 24

1871 The Queen’s Birthday races were held in Dunolly.

 1875 The Dunolly Express states that a remarkable instance of the sagacity of a dog occurred. A party was out shooting accompanied by a dog which having secured a wounded bird, in running back fell down a 40ft. hole A rope was obtained and put down the shaft when the little animal seized it with his teeth and was partly hauled up but losing his hold was again precipitated to the bottom, but the next attempt he having experienced the necessity of a tight grip fastened his teeth well in the rope and was safely hauled to the surface considerably the worse for his adventure

 1887 Entertainment was held in the town hall to raise funds for the Bulli disaster relief fund coal mine disaster in Wollongong (so many they had to turn people away for lack of room), a torchlight procession and fireworks display was enjoyed to celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday (before the town hall). The Jubilee celebration committee suggested the erection of a Memorial Fountain in Gordon Gardens. (19 pounds was raised for relief fund).

1915 DUNOLLY. Severe Weather. The cold weather experienced during the past week has been responsible for a good deal of mortality amongst horses and cattle.

1915 Contrary to the position in which Carisbrook and Railways found themselves, both Timor and Dunolly had practically their belt teams afield. The match was a fairly good one. At the end of the third term the home team was leading, but Timor finished well and won with eight points to spare. The proceedings were enlivened at one stage by a solid dispute between W\V. Hughes (Dunolly) and C Boromeo (Timor).

 1947 The whole Bealiba Football Club including the club secretary were reported by field umpire Sinclair, after they disputed his decisions and abused him. Bealiba won the match against Primrose by 29 points.

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