04 May, 2017

May 4

1867 A resident of Jones's Creek near Dunolly, to wit Mr, Argain, has commenced the manufacture of writing ink, which he makes of nine different colours.

1882 Dunolly races held with moderate amount of attendees, weather fine and course in good condition. 6 spills but no injuries throughout the day.

1867 The exhumation of the remains of Chinese removal to China is thus referred to by the Maryborough Advertiser: — Such steps are now being taken in the Maryborough Cemetery, where a dead man's skeleton has been exhumed with much ceremony. It seems that Kong Meng & Co. have an agent in their employ who used to keep a chemist's shop at Alma, and subsequently at Dunolly, and who now travels as a celestial bone-collector, at a good salary. As soon as the skeleton is unearthed, it is his duty to divide the skeleton in halves, keeping each bone on its proper side. These are carefully kept in separate parcels, and conveyed to Melbourne in carpet bags.

One of the bodies to go home with the present batch is not in the dry bone state, as it is the mortal and somewhat unsavory remains of a Chinaman named Yony Yeng, who was killed by falling from a cart on the Dunolly road some months ago. Consequently special provisions have to be made in his case, and an undertaker has received orders to make a zinc lined coffin, in which such part of the defunct Celestial as can be gathered together will be placed, and conveyed with the more portable remains of his brethren to the Flowery Land. Of course, the necessary legal authority has been obtained to make the graves give up their dead. One skeleton has been raised from the Dunolly Cemetery, and another is to come from Amherst, if the state of the ressurrection funds will permit, for the pecuniary part of the ceremony seems to be a joint-stock affair.

One Saturday afternoon the exhumation of the body of Yong Yeng threw one of the Chinese agents conducting the collection into a frantic state, because one of the bones was missing. His ravings in High street collected quite a crowd around him, and in a very insane manner he offered any one £2000 who would bring the dead man to life. !

1879 A fire destroyed all the bedrooms and contents in Jones’ Hotel at Eddington.

1891 A large number of lambs have been killed at Murphy’s Flat but after laying poison in one of the carcasses a large fox was found dead.

1891 An elderly Dunolly resident, James Hagan, was recently left 50,000 pounds by his brother in WA.

1900 The new Man of Kent hotel reopened at Bromley.

1908 John Lyons, aged 83, was admitted to Dunolly Hospital after fracturing his leg following a fall from the stool in his tent.

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