05 May, 2017

May 5

1855 On Sunday, Black Douglas the bushranger aka Charles Russell, was captured with 8 cronies at Adelaide Lead diggings when a carrier who had been robbed by Douglas recognised him and hit him on the head with a meat cleaver; the local police arrived just in time to find a group of 200-300 diggers sitting in justice on the bushrangers but Lieutenant Shearman convinced them to hand the criminals over into police custody. After they had marched as police escort back to the camp the diggers visited every tent where they knew bushrangers were welcome and informed the owners that they had until 4pm the following day to pack up and leave or their tent would be razed to the ground. Black Douglas received a two year sentence.

1879 A man was arrested for robbing a hotel at Goldsborough, when his swag was searched he was found to have a coiners mould and metal for coining.

1875 Great preparations were made for the reception of the Hon Gillies expected tomorrow by special train en route to St Arnaud to inspect the different routes for the extension of the railway to that town. A luncheon was provided on arrival of the train at the Bendigo Hotel at Bealiba extensive preparations were also made with triumphal arches erected.

1896 In the County Court to-day, before Judge Chomley, in the case of John Parker v. Ah Mook, claim for damages for sheep destroyed by a dog, there was some peculiar swearing. Ah Mook proved that he had not owned a dog for years past, and got a verdict with costs.

Hill and Walmsley v. Dunolly Alluvial Company, for extras on contract. The claim was for £17. The company paid £2 10s. into court, which the judge considered sufficient. A number of minor cases were heard and the court sits again to-morrow.

1951 Rev. Dr John Flynn died aged 71.

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