08 May, 2017

May 7

1896 Dunolly Railway Station robbed, safe stolen and broken open further down the line with hammer and chisel stolen from Dunolly company mine, 12 pound taken from safe.

1896 Mounted Constable Gray was presented with a handsome tea and coffee service from the residents of Rheola at Solesby’s Hotel as a mark of their respect for him and Mrs Gray as he was leaving to take charge of the police station at Tarnagulla.

1909 Victor Rooney of Murphy’s flat was about to strike the head of a fox caught in a trap with the butt of a pea-rifle when the gun fired, lodging a bullet in his leg. He was taken to Dunolly hospital but is not considered to be in a critical condition.

1915 DUNOLLY. REOPENING OF SCHOOL. The State school has been remodelled. and now presents an up-to-date appearance. The building being fitted up with tile latest improvements and is much better lighted, ventilated, and heated. The formal opening took place today, the Minister of Education (Mr Livingstone), 1r J. W. Pennington, M.L.A., and Mr Lowrie (district inspector) being present. Mr .Livingstone congratulated the town on having such a splendid building, which was one of the best he had seen. They should all be proud of it, and do their utmost to improve it and keep everything in good order. The visitors were entertained at the council chambers by the Mayor and members of the School board. Mr Livingstone, during the address at the school. said he was greatly struck by the pretty appearance of the streets with their lines of trees, which showed great forethought on the part of the early residents, and he hoped the rising generation would emulate the example set them.

The local State school, which has been remodelled at a cost of over £800, was reopened by Mr. Livingstone, Minister of Education, on Friday afternoon. Mr. J.W. Pennington, M.L.A. for Kara Kara, was also present. This work has been done after an agitation extending over seven years, and is greatly appreciated by both scholars and teachers. The mayor afterwards entertained the visitors in the council chamber. Responding to the toast of the State Parliament, the Minister stated that education cost Victoria about £1, 000,000 yearly, whilst school committees had raised £50, 000 for equipment and improvement of grounds.

1918 a carrier pigeon walked into the house of Miss Allen, at Dunolly, and, being in an exhausted condition, it was picked up and cared for, but died the next day. Attached to one. Of the bird's leg was a rubber band bearing the numbers "264 and "I8O." On the other leg was a silver band on which was engraved an oblong enclosing the letters "MHS." and the number "17" in a. bottom corner. Outside the oblong were the figures "154." The pigeon evidently belonged to a member of some homing society.

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