08 May, 2017

May 8

1857 INKERMAN.—Mining matters are dull. The population in much smaller, many having left for Sandy Creek and Jordan's.

JORDAN'S DIGGINGS.—This new rush which is likely shortly to become a very extensive and prosperous one, is about sixteen miles from Dunolly and eight or nine beyond. McIntyre’s. There are said to be some five hundred diggers at work on a flat ten or twelve miles in extent. If the reports from it, which are most encouraging, be correct, there is every reason to believe that remunerative employment for the entire winter will be found for some thousands of our hardy and industrious diggers. Nearly the whole of the population at McIntyre’s, a busy spot until within the last few days, have gone to this new scene of action. A great many have also left Sandy Creek and Inkerman for it. I will endeavour to visit the spot in a day or two and give you a faithful account in next Friday's Age of my observations and inquiries.

SANDY CREEK.-There are a great many at the rush in this locality, but few doing well. The sinking, which is hard, varies from fifty to sixty feet. This depth deters many from trying their luck here.

 1879 A trial of Mr Maddox’s safety cage was made at the Queen’s Birthday Company.

 1915 The football season was opened here today, Carisbrook meeting Dunolly. A good game resulted Carisbrook -4 goals, 8 behinds, 32 points. Dunolly- 3 goals, 5 behinds, 23 points.

A plea for two years' grace to enable the town to revive to its pre-war standard was made to the Minister for Public Works (Mr Robinson) yesterday by representatives of the Dunolly Borough Council. Recently Mr Robinson announced that as the revenue of the borough from a 1/ rate did not amount to £300, the minimum amount allowed a borough by the Local Government Act, the borough should be embraced in the Bet Bet shire. The deputation argued that many families had left Dunolly when their sons and husbands went to the war. They were now returning. The Minister for Lands (Mr Clarke) was considering a suggestion that the abandoned digging of the district should be transformed into orchards for soldiers. Mr Robinson said that the matter rested with the council. If the revenue from the rate could be made to comply with the Local Government Act then, would be no need to extinguish Dunolly as a borough.

 1939 89 yr. old Mrs Sarah Ann shay of Moliagul died, after living in the area for 68 yrs.

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